Healthcare Civil Rights

Healthcare Civil Rights

 Perhaps the most fundamental principle underlying the vaccine debate is a matter of civil rights. If we allow forced vaccines in the U.S., what will be the next freedom lost on the slippery slope? No matter what our individual positions on vaccines may be, it is crucial to ask this question.


We are living in an age when we are drowning in information without the benefit of the “oxygen” of discernment. We are all in danger of becoming victims of “scientific supremacists” who are in the employ of the pharmaceutical companies that create the vaccines being forced on the American public. Even if vaccinations were effective, we simply cannot trust the “science for sale” pushing vaccinations on the current schedules as something serving the greater good when it appears to be the primary strategy in serving the greater greed.


In a recent LIFE Talks presentation, Barbara Loe Fisher, director of the National Vaccine Information Center, provides a lengthy discussion of the salutogenic factors that are not considered in the reductionistic approach used by science. As a result, science has only explored a small slice of the larger picture of vaccines and healthy immune function.


Fisher says the only thing we can really do to stem the tide is know who our elected officials are, what their position is on this issue, send letters on our position, and vote them out of office.


Be part of unleashing true health and transparency in vaccine development, approval and use.  Go to the National Vaccine Information Center and find out how.


Fisher’s entire talk is available – and compelling – to view at LIFE Talks.


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