The Positive Practice

The Positive Practice
Enhancing Your Chiropractic Practice Through Positive Psychology Coaching


If you have a new practice that is just beginning to grow or a seasoned practice that is already flourishing, offering Positive Psychology Coaching can bring new levels of optimization to your practice.

Life University offers a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology Coaching that is based on the Principles of Positive Psychology, as well as systems of mindfulness and committed action. Life’s Coaching Program is soundly grounded in the major theories and history of coaching while also offering some of the newest and innovative coaching perspectives. And it goes without saying that our program grew directly from the Vitalistic grounding of Life University, developed by a diverse group of psychology faculty with a total background at Life University of over 50 years.

For those who desire a fast track, Life University’s Positive Psychology Coaching Program can be completed in just three quarters, if the student successfully takes a full load each quarter. However, part-time students are welcomed and we have many people working full time who are completing the program at a pace best suited to their own needs and timelines. We have both chiropractors and chiropractic assistants who have thrived and been leaders in our program.

How can a Coaching Service be integrated into a Chiropractic Practice? Well, the possibilities are endless but let’s discuss just a few. First, Positive Psychology Coaching can be used to enhance your patients’ engagement with the treatment plan created by their chiropractor, such as increased compliance with treatment plans. Coaching can be an authentic partner in helping clients move toward a more Vitalistic way of being.

Alternatively, Positive Psychology Coaching can also be an independent service provided at your practice. Coaching can be done on an individual basis and we also teach Group Coaching as a way to serve even larger numbers of those seeking new ways of thriving in the world. And speaking of the world, coaching can be offered to clients throughout the United States and the world. For example, our students and faculty have coached people from Georgia to Hong Kong to Australia and the list continues to grow. So, when we talk about enhancing services in your community, we are speaking of a very large community.

We are also working toward attracting world-famous practitioners to provide presentations to our students. For example, in August, Life University’s Master’s in Positive Psychology Coaching Program will be host at two-day workshop by Steven Hayes, the main developer of Acceptance and Commitment Training.

Now, some people may think they can’t join us because they do not have a background in psychology. Due to the uniqueness of Positive Psychology and Coaching, you do not need any prerequisite courses in Psychology. Good academic credentials with a Bachelor’s degree can get you into the program.

Here at Life University, we welcome an opportunity to discuss our exciting program with you. So we would love to see your willingness to take committed action and call or email us to discuss the possibilities.

Please feel free to email:
Mickey Parsons, Ph. D.


Richard Shook, Ph. D.

You can also contact us at the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studdies office by phone at: (770) 426-2697.

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