Dr. LaMarche Recognized

Congratulations to Gilles LaMarche, B.S., D.C., recipient of The Alliance For Chiropractic’s Philosophy Award.
From Timmins, Ontario, Canada, currently serving as Life University’s Vice President of University Advancement, Dr. LaMarche is also an accomplished author, professional speaker and certified personal development/executive coach.
With a vision to help the world discover the importance and value of taking personal responsibility for overall health and well-being naturally, Dr. LaMarche was awarded this distinction for demonstrating a passion, understanding and continued voice for the philosophy of Chiropractic.
About his award, Dr. LaMarche remarks, “I believe most people don’t set out to win awards; I certainly do not. We set out with a passionate vision to do good. And when you receive an award, it’s an affirmation; it means that people appreciate what you do. I love the chiropractic profession and what it offers humanity with all my heart, and I am grateful to work with people who feel the same way. Thank you to The Alliance For Chiropractic for this recognition.”
The Alliance For Chiropractic exists to heighten public awareness of chiropractic life principles and the multitude of health benefits associated with experiencing chiropractic care provided in a principle-centered, neurologically-based wellness model.
Their mission is to increase society’s understanding of the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle and the power of Chiropractic to increase the expression of human life potential, resulting in an increase in the utilization of Chiropractic as a means of promoting health. The ultimate benefit of this strategy will be a reversal in society’s current trend to a progressive downward spiral in health and wellbeing.
For more information about The Alliance For Chiropractic, please visit www.allianceforchiropractic.com.
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