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There are few researchers more accomplished than Dr. Heidi Haavik, who serves as head of research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and as CEO at Haavik Research. There are certainly few researchers as engaging as Dr. Haavik.

Dr. Haavik is wired (literally!) to share her work as head of The Centre for Chiropractic Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

Recently, Dr. Haavik graciously provided a primer of her work for Doctor of Chiropractic students and faculty/staff at Life University, home to the world’s largest college of chiropractic. And, she has extended her graciousness further by allowing TCL to share her special Assembly presentation here.

When it comes to research, Haavik makes it clear that today’s chiropractic leaders must understand two things above all else:

  1. It is imperative to do good research reviewed by peer neuroscientists inside, as well as outside, of chiropractic (and published in quality journals, not in “vanity” journals).
  2. There is ample evidence to support the efficacy of the chiropractic adjustment of subluxation to improve the function and communication of the brain and nervous system.

Click on the video below for a delightful experience as Dr. Haavik enthusiastically shares an overview of her work as well as her hope and vision for future chiropractic research.

And, to learn more about Dr. Haavik’s work (and how you can improve your own understanding and communication of the latest in chiropractic research), check out her website, The Reality Check, and her book by the same title.

For a bit more detailed look at Dr. Haavik and her work, check out her profile as one of the mavericks, geniuses, and icons featured in Today’s Chiropractic Leadership.

And, finally, you may want to check out her Disruptive Riff interview with Dr. Guy Riekeman.

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