YOU Are the Answer to the Opioid Epidemic

As a member¬†of Today’s Chiropractic Leadership’s Community Conversations series, you will have access to the expertise and materials you need to become part of the solution to the opioid epidemic.
In a time when medicine’s only answer to a drug overdose crisis is an after-the-fact administration of more drugs (naxalone, in ever-increasing doses), chiropractors offer one of the most effective, drug-free preventative approaches to pain management.
We already have leaders to follow, as you will see in the video interview below.
Join TCL’s Dr. Jason Deitch as he interviews the founder of The Zone, a center for opioid addiction recovery, and the chiropractors who¬†volunteer their services to her clients.
Stay tuned to TCL to learn more about how you can become part of a grassroots effort to address the opioid epidemic in your community (because no community is untouched by this crisis).


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