The Currency of the Future

“Trust is the currency of the future.”

That’s just one of the many pearls that Dr. Brad Glowaki lavished on students, faculty, staff and visitors attending Life University College of Chiropractic Assembly.

Here’s the gist of a whole lot of other pearls he strung together into one of the most straightforward explanations of what chiropractic can do for people – if we just tell the story.


Chiropractic is about pain – that’s the little idea.

 If you only pick the low hanging fruit, you will have a low-hanging practice.


 In the absence of value, cost is the only consideration – if there’s no value, money becomes the only obstacle – and you will win the race to the bottom.

You don’t have to have all the answers – you only have to to ask another question. You have to serve your patients by listening – and asking good questions that help lead them to their own answers. You might have a patient ask, “Why do you think my elbow hurts? You can ask, “Why do you think it hurts?” They’ll say things like, “Well, I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately. Maybe I should just give it rest…”

Should I get off my meds? I don’t know; what do you think? I want to – then maybe you should do that. Don’t take responsibility for their health; their health is their job – tell them the truth – diet and exercise don’t fail. Neither does chiropractic. Be a good communicator – tell the chiropractic story; make sure people understand it.

 Trust is the currency of the future – do they trust you?

Somewhere, someone is praying for you – for what you, as a chiropractor, can do for them – and they may not even know it’s you they’re praying for.

 Communication is the missing link from where we are as a profession to where we can be.

Brad Glowaki, D.C.


Better yet, take a half-hour or so and listen to “The Glow” on these pearls of wisdom for yourself.



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