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There is perhaps nothing more important than ensuring the next generation of chiropractors know how to communicate what it is we do – as well as the history of persecution and the victories along the way in overcoming the persecution. Our profession has quite a story to tell and we would be better off circling the wagons and proclaiming it to the world (instead of our our ofted-cited and typical SOP when the wagons are circled).

Drs. Jason Deitch and Brad Glowaki have joined forces, along with LIFE Vision’s Dr. Gilles LaMarche and sponsors like Chiro One, to set up a public speaking forum and prize money to encourage and support the next great chiropractic communicators.

Click on the video to more about the Talk the ‘TIC competition – and/or read the video transcript below – and then make sure your school is represented.







Jason Deitch: Hello, everyone. Dr. Jason Deitch here.¬†Welcome to Today’s Chiropractic Leadership. I’m with my great friend and I’ll even say mentor Dr. Brad Glowaki, “Glow,” the New Patient Maven. How are you doing, my friend?

Brad Glowaki: Good, buddy, thank you. You’ve got too far with the “mentor,” c’mon!

Jason Deitch: I’m a learner; I’m a student. I like to always be learning what’s on the cutting edge of, actually one of my favorite topics, which is communication, which is how do we get our message to as many people as possible? I’m assuming almost everybody knows you. For the handful of people that may not yet and who may have just heard of you, you’re known as the New Patient Maven. You do an amazing program. I’ve attended. I would recommend anybody else attend, called “The Art of the Close. And you’ve also created a program called the Corporate Skeleton Key, which is “Step One.” How do you really do what you’ve perfected to be the 10 minute talk, even shorter than a TED talk and more powerful. And then, number two, how do you then open doors and use that talent in local businesses and municipalities, associations, organizations and so on.

It’s an amazing one-two punch. But what I want to talk about here Today for Chiropractic Leadership for our audience is the Talk the ‘TIC competition I’m honored to put together with you. It’s an awesome program. We’ve been doing it for several years now. From your perspective, let’s just kind of share with those that may not know, what is Talk the ‘TIC and why is it so important?

Brad Glowaki: So, Talk the ‘TIC is a program for students to teach them to be better communicators. In years past, it’s been looked at as a contest. It still is; there is still a winner on every campus. Those winners have been invited by Life University down to speak at LIFE Vision on the big stage and then they’re voted on by judges. And there is a winner. But what you and I have been instrumental in changing is, it’s no longer just a contest. It’s really it’s a curriculum of teaching these students how to be better communicators and, let’s face it, some of the most successful offices in the profession are run by great communicators and there are great technicians all over the profession but the super powerful, super profitable offices really have great communicators. And what you and I are doing, is fostering it throughout the year and then LIFE is putting it on display as the contest, Talk the ‘TIC, hosted in May of 2018 LIFE Vision. So it’s an awesome way to really try to take this beyond the contest. And now, there’s a culture of communication for students which is so huge.
Jason Deitch: I love it. And now I’m going to also just make mention that this year, thanks to Dr. Gilles LaMarch, if we’re going to give all the proper kudos, Gilles has been absolutely amazing. Gilles has secures ten thousand dollars worth of prize money for the winner. So there’s an English competition, a Spanish competition, at schools around the world, all holding their Talk the ‘TIC competition.

Think “American Idol for chiropractic students,” presenting in five minutes or less, a coherent and persuasive presentation that doesn’t just educate people about chiropractic but in fact Inspires them into action. It’s one of the many things I learned from you – it’s one thing for them to go, “Oh, wow. It’s nice that I’m aware of that now; that was interesting.”
It’s another thing for them to go, “When can I come in to see you? Are you accepting new patients, because that’s what I’m looking for.” Those are actually two different conversations or presentations, and I think it’s one of the great gifts of many that you brought to the competition. But Chiro One wellness centers has put up $10000 in prize money. What is significant now is the split between first, second, third English competition and first, second, third Spanish competitions at LIFE Vision 2018.

What do you believe are some of the core differences in exactly that? Our profession is – you’ve now coached, mentored thousands of chiropractors around the world. What do you think, you talked about a curriculum… What are some of those key [components that] make the difference between educating the public about chiropractic, which is what most of us have been taught, creating awareness (as you call it), and inspiring them into action, which is more than just teaching them “chiropractic good, medicine bad; adjustment good, drugs bad.” What do you think is the “difference that makes the difference” in today’s world?

Brad Glowaki: Yeah, I’ll share some nuggets for your leaders; they’re probably going to want to take some notes on because this is cool to see the students be able to grasp this and they are the future leaders, and possibly future associates for other offices, which is why I would invite all the docs listening to come to LIFE Vision. These are the leaders on every campus that have won this contest. If you need a set of hands in your office and a great leader, come to LIFE Vision. It’s almost like a breeding ground of potential associates. So, get there and then all students at LIFE turn out to see who’s there and to be a part of it. I think the room swells for that competition because all the students are curious to see their colleagues and how they perform. It’s really like a rush into the room. So, just as you stated. Number one, it’s really about getting people out of awareness into action.

Said differently, we’ve been told we’ve got to educate people. We don’t. We don’t need to educate them; we need to gauge them. And the truth is, it doesn’t matter unless they come into your office. When you talk and communicate and give lectures, whether they’re 10 minute talks like I teach or full lectures, the reality is what’s going to draw the most and pull most people into your practice is when you raise questions, not give answers. And one of the big mistakes I see is that a lot of times we give all the answers that that’s going to make them like us more. The reality is you’ve got to pull them in with questions. And that’s easier to do in 10 minutes than a four hour lecture which is why those 10 minute talks they’re so effective.

And simple things like procrastination, when you add time to the decision-making process. Your new patient counts go down. So a way to add time to the sales cycle, or the decision cycle, is to hand them a business card. If you give out business cards at your talks, It’s killing your new patient counts. So, for docs in practice, you’ve got to get them into action. Give them a call to action and you’ve got to be raising questions through your lecture, not giving them the answers but raising questions. And then avoid things like business cards because that really adds time to the decision. And do this all with the art of, really, not crashing into their belief systems. You’ve got to do it where you don’t elicit what we call a confirmation bias, where you make them wrong for taking a pill somewhere in their life; you make them wrong for needing a surgeon somewhere in their life.

There’s a time and a place, but I would just point right back to the leadership of Life University. We’ve had some of the most profound presidents in our profession. You’ll go back to Sid Williams, and I know you’ve got a new president now, with the same leadership skills. Life has always had great oratory, great leaders, great speakers. And you look at how it leads the profession in that sense. That’s that’s a huge one. You know, Guy Riekeman can speak and people get up and they move to the back of the room to do whatever he’s speaking on. That’s what leadership is. And you are really instituting this in the students, which is why Talk the ‘TIC contest is now really more of a culture. It’s really cool.

Jason Deitch: OK… I completely agree with you.¬†You know, if you look at a university as a practice, the largest practice, largest university, chiropractic university in the country, is Life University. I do believe there’s no question that that comes from exactly what we’re talking about here. Great leaders, great speakers, presenters, not just that present information but that inspire people to take action. Those are the difference makers and it really does start in school. So, this Talk the ‘TIC competition, as I mentioned just a moment ago, when I want to reiterate, I close that by basically inviting you to come check it out. You may go to learn a few tips from some students, which I know is… I look at the room full of practicing chiropractors and some of them are just like, “Hey I’ve got to get to work; I’ve got to sharpen my blade a little bit, and get my edge back.

But there really is, for those of you practicing and maybe looking for an associate, what better place than to see someone performing live from all kinds of schools to watch the spectrum of how people present, what they present. That these are the top chiropractic student presenters in the world, literally on stage, performing and presenting both to win some money but also to potentially be your next associate.

Brad Glowaki: So, I want to give you props too because it was your idea to bring in the Spanish speaking version we have students come in from Spain; we have students from South America, in many different countries in South America. The winner of the English speaking contest came from New Zealand College of Chiropractic. It’s truly an international event and then some of the Life Alumni were the judges for the Spanish speaking contest; it was just super cool. Judges from Chile, from Argentina, from the Caribbean – it was just so cool to see everybody come together and support these students. So, I give you mad props for thinking of that in the bilingual version, in Spanish, because that is just kind of exploded as well. So great job and again thank you for thinking of the students in that sense because the Spanish speaking students that thing has just taken off.

Jason Deitch: Well maybe we’ll expand it more. We should not close without taking a moment to acknowledge Dr. Eric Van Slooten, who started all of this and basically approached me several years ago and said, I’m in practice, I’ve got a lot going on… Mercy, please, take my baby and help it grow and shepherd it…

I reached out to you, of course, and that’s hopefully what we’re doing here. So, even if you’re not s Life University alumni, Today’s Chiropractic Leadership goes to around the world, so it is for everyone. Please encourage and check to make sure that you not are at Life University, that your school is participating. You can ask at you school, “Are you holding the Talk the ‘TIC competition on campus? Are you sending your first place winner to the International finals again next May 2018 at LIFE Vision. Listen, if you’ve got questions, you can go to We’ll leave the links down below but everybody check out Talk the ‘TIC. It’s phenomenal. And, again, I’ll close by saying if you have not been to the Art of the Close and you’re not using the Corporate Skeleton Key in your practice, I think you’re missing out on what I’m going to call the new evolution of communication – what to say, how to say, and how to drive new people into your office quickly and easily. Create the conga line, so to speak, to your After your presentation.

Nobody doesn’t like Dr. Glow, so Glow, thank you for taking some time; I know you’re around the world. Every year I was happy to get you at home for a few minutes of conversation. Hey, everyone, thanks for watching another edition of Today’s Chiropractic Leadership. On behalf of Dr. Brad Glowaki, I’m Dr. Jason Deitch. Thanks for watching.

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