Concussion Roulette

How can chiropractors enter the cultural conversations going on in our communities? How do we bridge what we do as chiropractors with relevant issues that are part of the current culture?

In October 2017, Dr. Brad Glowaki held a concussion conference at the Rose Bowl that elevated the conversation for the chiropractic profession and increased their potential for results.

The movie Concussion has sparked awareness of how damaging head injuries in sports are, and that the effects are cumulative. A “cultural conversation” means that it’s everywhere and that’s certainly the case with traumatic brain injury right now.

Dr. Glowaki has produced remarkable guides for chiropractors to do more than effectively engage in these conversations with their patients and position themselves to become the cultural authority on the topic.

Take just 15 minutes and watch the video below and learn some of the issues involved in the larger cultural conversation around concussion:

  • Second concussion syndrome, in which athletes are sent back into play too soon and the second concussion is fatal/
  • The need for chiropractors to engage in a conversation that is not about pain, but all about performance from the beginning.
  • That chiropractors can broaden the appeal of these conversations by narrowing the scope/
  • The ability to translate the cultural conversation into the subluxation context

For more information about Dr. Glowaki’s three-part series on becoming a cultural authority on concussion in your community, visit

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