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Chiropractic Certainty

In this interview with TCL special correspondent, Dr. Gilles LaMarche, there is something Dr. Dan Sullivan, the chiropractic certainly expert, wants to be sure you know: that the medical profession isn’t bad, it’s just misguided in in its reductionistic approach.

Read on for a summary narrative of the video – or take a few minutes to view the video by clicking on the image below:


The fact is, chiropractors get unique results. Dr. Sullivan says we need to own that and be more confident in our practice. We have to develop certainty and be bold. We have to surround ourselves with the right people, those who are unafraid to take the hits and lead.

Dr. LaMarche makes the point that it’s also certain, right now, that the chiropractic profession is not leading, in spite of all the health benefits we have seen patients experience for over a century.

Dr. Sullivan stresses that one of the top issues in chiropractic is the lack of certainty and, as Dr. LaMarche points out, if you don’t have certainty – if you’re afraid – you are making it about you. When you are connected to the purpose, and masterful in your practice, you don’t have to take the burden of trying to convince people.

There is no doubt that the spine has an intimate connection with the brain and nervous system, in Dr. Sullivan’s view, going on to say that if you read the work of Watson and Crick and others, their entire mission revolves around killing vitalism – but it wouldn’t die because life is a separate and distinct force that science has not yet been able to quantify.

As Dr. LaMarche says in his closing, do your best to tell the truth, take a leadership role and be engaged in the profession.

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