Adjusting Over All

Adjusting Over All

It would be interesting to know just how many sports chiropractors – and masters of sport health science – Dr. Keith Rau has had a hand in educating and just how many athletes have benefitted as a result of his work over the years. Rau serves as an associate professor in Sport Health Science at Life University, where he has over 20 years of both administrative and classroom experience (and influence). He is certified by two of the prominent sports chiropractic organizations, having taught for them and a variety of other groups providing post-graduate continuing education programs.

Like many sports chiropractors, Rau was tapped for a variety of opportunities within high performance athletics, such as the Olympics, primarily through all the connections he’s made as he’s honed his art and shared his expertise with others over the years. In fact, he’s often presented with more opportunities than he can accept and just this year had to decline the invitation to attend the Olympic Trials for Track and Field.

Fortunately, Rau was able to accept the invitation to become the team chiropractor for the KSU Owls, including the brand new Division I football team of Kennesaw State University, one of the fastest growing academic institutions in Georgia. On the level of high performance athletes this year, Rau is also working with two KSU Olympic hopefuls. And, say Rau, he is “director of chiropractic care for all our Life U Running Eagle student athletes, and that is a pretty elite group!” Indeed, in the most recent display of athletic excellence, the Running Eagle Women came out as the number one team at the Collegiate Rugby Championships, and the Men were close behind.

Given his clinical and field experience in excess of 30 years, we asked Rau two questions. First, we asked him to describe the difference between “everyday” chiropractic care and elite athlete care. He told us, “The analogy I use is that of the racecar. At 80 MPH, a racecar is not working very hard when it is capable of 230 MPH. At 230, everything has to be right, not just close. So it is with elite athletes pushing the envelope of their ability/limits.” Next, given that, at the elite level, sports chiropractic is often found under the umbrella of sports medicine, we asked Rau how much of his work with athletes at that level consists of adjusting vs. the use of other modalities. Like a number of sports chiropractors we interviewed, Rau told us, “In my world, it is almost all adjusting.”




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