Uninformed Consent

It was tempting call this article “It’s the Safety, Stupid.” Why? When attempting to distill his campaign issues into the single most crucial issue the nation was facing, Former president Bill Clinton famously and successfully said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” When it comes to the single most controversial issue in healthcare today, vaccines, Dr Rob Scott, president of Life University, asserts that the conversation has not yet been properly distilled.
Recently, Dr. Scott was shocked to discover just how little evidence there is for vaccine safety and, in light of that fact, shared his recommendation for an upcoming publication, ICAN vs. HHS, of which he received an advance copy.
According to Dr. Scott, at this juncture in the healthcare conversation, there is a contentious, emotional back-and-forth happening between the polar opposite pro and anti “vaxxer” endpoints – and too few people are actually listening to the reality of the information in between.
One might wonder what it will take to have a meaningful, honest and transparent conversation about vaccine safety, when the health and wellbeing of our most precious and vulnerable population is at stake.
Click on the video below to hear Dr. Scott’s recommendation for this publication that addresses concerns over the un-informed consent, liability, licensure, safety surveillance, and conflicts of interest involving vaccine manufacturers and the organizations charged with public safety.
To access the letters between ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) and the HHS (Department of Health and Human Services), click here.


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