Thots on LIFE’s Succession

The chiropractic profession experienced a seismic shift today when the leadership team of its largest educational institution rose to the next level.

As Dr. Guy Riekeman transitions from President to Chancellor, and Dr. Rob Scott moves from Provost to President, LIFE is now positioned to take on the next phase of visionary accomplishment. One of the few people in chiropractic profession qualified to knowledgeably comment on the impact of this new era in the LIFE movement is Dr. Gerry Clum.

Having served as Day One Faculty at the founding of Life College, as the three-decade President of Life College West, as the champion of chiropractic principles during times of international expansion, Dr. Clum might be described as our most respected “tribal elder.”

Hear his thoughts about the impact this shift will have on Life University, on the profession, and even on Dr. Riekeman in the interview below, with Dr. Jason Deitch.

It will be 15 minutes well spent.

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