Chiropractors Saving Lives

If ever there was a perfect intersection opportunity for chiropractors to to respond to the opioid crisis at the community level, it was with The Zone.
Founder of The Zone (an opioid recovery center) and longtime chiropractic patient, Missy Owen, knew that chiropractic care would be a crucial partner in recovery support, saying:

 “We needed help getting these people’s bodies back in working order and there’s no way to do that, medicine-free, than chiropractic.”

Missy Owen, founder of The Zone, an opioid addiction recovery center utilizing chiropractic

There is no better example of tragedy translating into action than The Zone, a recovery support center for people suffering from opioid addiction. After losing their teenage son, Davis, to opioid addiction, Owen and her husband turned their loss toward others facing the same struggle. They began the non-profit Davis Direction Foundation to explore and meet the needs of people recovering from opioid addiction. After learning that nine of ten addicted people will relapse without support, Owen knew that The Zone was the answer to her prayers asking how she could make a real difference.
The Zone provides a welcoming, judgment-free space for people in recovery to create the support relationships with one another, with counselors and notably with chiropractors, that they will need to be successful. Fortunately, Owen had been friends with a local chiropractor, Dr. Cris Eaton Welsh, for over 20 years. Dr. Welsh, who has a long history of community involvement (including serving in local government), did not hesitate and, along with associate, Dr. Rob Hart, began proving care for clients of The Zone.
To learn more about how Drs. Welsh and Hart are saving lives in their community, please take about 25 minutes to watch Dr. Jason Deitch’s interview with  them and Owen. In the time it takes you to watch it, six people in the US will have died as a result of opioid addiction.
Then, be sure to register and visit the Members section here at TCLonline and find out how you can begin a Community Conversation to position yourself as a community expert in the opioid crisis. If ever you had the opportunity – and the responsibility – to save lives as a chiropractor, the opioid epidemic is calling you.

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