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Sid E. Williams, D.C.

Dr. Sid Williams spearheaded the founding of a chiropractic college with the dream of keeping his profession, in its entirety, strong and growing. Like other members of “yesterday’s chiropractic leadership” – those who made great strides in establishing chiropractic as a separate and distinct practice from medicine – Dr. Williams had become very familiar with how the art of chiropractic was diminished when it is separated from its science and philosophy. He had seen what happened when decades of scientific research was dismissed from consideration for review on the grounds of its scientific validity.  He then saw what happened when those medical representatives created conditions that made it impossible for chiropractors to meet medical definitions and standards for achieving medical/scientific validity. He had seen what happened to chiropractors who tried to practice in states without chiropractic licensure laws.


But, Dr. Williams had not yet seen – and would not see for another thirteen years – what could happen when the courts finally decided in chiropractic’s favor in the Wilks vs. the American Medical Association case, paving the way for chiropractors to practice free from the interference of illegal restraint of trade and similar methods of suppression. Yet, it was the clear vision of Dr. Williams and like-minded colleagues, establishing a robust educational institution founded on facilitating health (as opposed to naming and fighting diseases), which created a future for their profession.


Eventually, Dr. Williams’ vision grew to include expanding chiropractic philosophy as the foundation for other programs of study and Life College of Chiropractic became Life University. For this reason – and for his many contributions to defending and advancing the chiropractic profession, Dr. Sid E. Williams will always be remembered and honored on the Life University campus by an eternal flame. As long as it burns, chiropractic will live on as a health-driven profession focused on removing interference to the nerve system by correcting subluxations.




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