Rennes Toussaint, D.C.

Today, Peru. Tomorrow?

Today, Peru. Tomorrow?
Abundance Wherever She Goes

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Rennes Toussaint, D.C.

Chiropractic is perhaps at its best when it is offered in service to others – and if you start asking chiropractors how came to choose chiropractic as a career, as surprising number will tell you that they feel as though they never chose chiropractic; rather, chiropractic chose them.

For many of these docs, their practices and their lives will always be about how much they can give to the people who find their way into their care – and when they have a sense of adventure and a yearning to travel, they will go where they are called.

Today’s Chiropractic Leadership is pleased to recognize the sense of selfless service with which Dr. Toussaint is leading the way for other mavericks to follow their hearts as well as their wanderlust. By being open to what the world has in store for her, both as a doctor of chiropractic and as a human being, she is not only serving her patients’ chiropractic needs, she is serving to provide much needed clothing and basic school supplies for her adopted community in Peru.

There are those who contribute to the global spread of TIC in the world by starting schools, associations, and even through legislative and political processes and the work they do is necessary to keep chiropractic grounded in its Vitalistic principles. And, then, there are those like Dr. Toussaint who spread TIC through a deep sense of purpose that drives them to do whatever they can, whenever they can, to change the world one adjustment, one meal, or one hug at a time.


TCL: For which professional (and/or personal) achievements will you most want to be acknowledged or remembered?

Toussaint: My selfless acts of giving – not only tangible things, which are always replaceable, but the things we give of ourselves, such as love, understanding, time, knowledge, and even advice. I’d say the same goes for both professional and personal. They are one in the same because I am still Rennes no matter where I go or what I do.

I would also like to be remembered for using Chiropractic as a platform to reach many people all over the world to educate them about the importance of maintaining and removing interference to health.

TCL: What projects are you working on now (or have worked on recently) are you most excited about and would like more people to know about?

Toussaint: A close friend and I are teaming up with a nonprofit organization for orphans here in Peru, called Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Our Little Brothers/Sisters). Not only are we collecting donations to meet basic needs for these children but we are also spending time with them, to show them that they are special, loved and cared about.

Of course it will not be a completed mission for me if I do not incorporate chiropractic. I can only image the emotional stress that they have endured and how that directly affects their nervous system. We plan on many more projects like this in the near future.

TCL: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Toussaint: I’ve only been in practice for less than a year now but seeing the impact of Chiropractic makes me excited every day and extremely grateful for being able to make a difference. I just hope to continue to learn as much as I can, grow and expand in all that I do. Also, I aspire to set the best example for upcoming doctors or anybody with a dream or a purpose. This is just the beginning.

For readers who are interested in learning more about the orphanage Dr. Toussaint serves, please visit






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