Penélope Avilés, D.C.

Bringing the World to LIFE

Bringing the World to LIFE
Through the WCCS

Photo credit: Emily Styer

Penélope Avilés, D.C.

TCL would like to recognize and honor Dr. Avilés for her remarkable service as Head Delegate in organizing the 2015 World Congress of Chiropractic Students Annual General meeting at Life University, along with Convener Mike Hollerbach and the ten Life U delegates (Emily Styer, Masae Hori, Kevin Zelaya, Kenya Edwards, Julie David, Lynda Exil, Allison Jancik, Ali Day, and Jojo Barnes).

The WCCS visit is something to be proud of having accomplished, especially during midterms, of all times. As you will see, the newly graduated Dr. Avilés is a true leader, making sure to acknowledge everyone who contributed to her success as an organizer. We can hope that she and her fellow WCCS students will bring this kind of collaboration and unity of purpose to the professional arena.

TCL: For which of your achievements as a student will you most want to be remembered?

Avilés: My work with the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) and the work I did to help bring the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) to Life U.

  • Served as the fifth Head Delegate of the WCCS Life U Chapter after Life U alumna, Dr. J. Kate Wetterlin, revamped it back in 2008.
  • Contributed to keeping our WCCS chapter’s Five-Star status as a a Life U student organization for five consecutive quarters (more than any other student organization on campus).
  • My partnership with fellow Life U student Mike Hollerbach in all things relating to the WCCS AGM at Life U.
  • Effectively facilitated communication with presidents of chiropractic schools without WCCS chapters by personally handing them invitations to assist with our event, changing their perspective about WCCS enough to allow a chapter at their schools.
  • Provided digital innovation for “old school” methods (print/sign/scan/email) of organization and the WCCS registration submissions and solving the organization problems and registrations internationally with virtual platforms.
  • Served as Graphic Designer and Videographer for the team, including:
    • Design of the logo and Sponsorship Package for the AGM event
    • Production of the videos to promote the AGM
    • Along with fellow student, Emily Styer, played “millionaire” at different hotels, the GA Aquarium, nightspots in Atlanta, etc., trying their food, inquiring about their prices, negotiating menu’s and booking. It was fun!
  • Assisted in negotiations with major vendors and sponsors, which opened their doors to us because of their relationship with Life University.
  • All that while, keeping passing grades, managing school work, attending seminars, presiding club meetings, dealing with personal drama, containing breakdowns and directing chapter’s primary community events like celebrating World Spine Day, fundraising opportunities for the chapter, and co-sponsoring events with other clubs.

Photo credit: Emily Styer


TCL: What projects are you working on now (or have worked on recently) that you are most excited about and would like more people to know about?


  • Currently, the Life U WCCS chapter is working on fundraising for the Paris AGM in April 2016 as well as a proposal, to be discussed during the Congress, that we believe would make a difference in the chiropractic community and that would help advance the profession as a whole.
  • I am also currently focusing on graduating, finding a job, loving and nourishing myself after the stress in chiropractic school, all while mastering the art of chiropractic applying the Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) principles, and finishing my ICPA certification. So right now, my focus is all on personal accomplishments but I’m also looking ahead at how I can positively affect the chiropractic paradigm back home in Mexico. But, first things first.

TCL: Are there any materials online associated with your accomplishments you’d like to share?

Avilés: These are the [student newspaper] Vital Source articles in which Mike and I promoted the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in conjunction with our Chapter’s activities on campus:

Here is a link to the WCCS gallery web page, with pictures of the event. Our very own Emily Styer (secretary of our chapter at that time) took all photos. There are pictures of each delegation taken at the hands monument and Dr. Riekeman is in the picture with our delegation. There are also pictures by regions of the world and the collective one that I believe was taken by Dr. Riekeman himself :).

TCL: You’ve been amazingly thorough in your coverage of this event. IS there anything you’d like to add?

Avilés: Yes, of course I’d like to add a note of thanks to everyone who helped make the 2015 WCCS AGM such a huge success.

  • Our delegates who dedicated themselves during the whole event to being the best hosts ever asked for. They looked for innovative ways of helping, organizing and problem solving while still being present for the discussions on the table at Congress. Without them, it all would’ve failed. Also, the non-delegates who were new club members helped the club with the process.
  • Jennifer Valtos, Rebecca Koch, Dr. David Koch, and Ryanne Shea for their support in the experiential learning activities and their tremendous leadership and love.
  • Dr. Gilles LaMarche for providing support all the way through from the planning until the end.
  • All the speakers (Drs. Jay Komarek, Jeanne Ohm, and Roy Sweat) who flew in and talked on their own dime and to whom we are infinitely grateful.
  • The Life University team, Cynthia Lund (may she rest in peace), Brenda Boone, Mark Elam, the Athletics department, and the Marketing department.
  • Dr. Guy Riekeman, for believing in a student-run organization like WCCS and supporting us so much. Without his help, our delegation wouldn’t have had the most Life University representatives in the history of WCCS AGM and none of this would have happened.

TCL readers who would like to learn more the WCCS as an organization may visit the official URL for WCCS at Those who are interested in the Life U WCCS chapter may visit their Facebook page at Readers who would like to contact Ms. Avilés directly may email:






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