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Creating Global Connections

Tomorrow’s Chiropractic Leadership
Creating Global Connections

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Michael Hollerbach,

D.C. Student

Today’s Chiropractic Leadership would like to recognize and honor student Michael Hollerbach as part of tomorrow’s chiropractic leadership, based on the leadership potential he has expressed in his time at Life University. Mr. Hollerbach, who leads through service and humility, will be remembered for his many contributions as a Life U student.

Perhaps his most ambitious and consequential contribution was leading the Life U chapter of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) in bringing the Annual General Meeting to Life University for the first time in more than two decades. Thanks to his efforts, and those of his “right hand woman,” Head Delegate (and now Dr.) Penelope Avilés, over 100 chiropractic students from around the world learned more about TIC and what it means than they might ever have learned otherwise – or at all.

TCL: For which achievements as a D.C. student will you most want to be acknowledged?

Hollerbach (with his typical, quiet humility): I’m not sure what it is I’ve done that’s all that special so, I guess I will write what my involvements are here on campus:

  • Proud member of the President’s Circle
  • Resident Assistant in the LIFE Village Retreat (LVR), Life U’s residence hall
  • Staff writer for the Vital Source
  • President of WCCS Life U chapter
  • Coach bus driver for the athletic department
  • Former Life U mascot (“Doc”)
  • Member of Delta Sigma Chi Fraternity of Doctors of Straight Chiropractic
  • Member of the Student ICA
  • Member of the Student IFCO
  • Member of the Ohio Club here on campus
  • All around good guy

TCL: What projects are you working on now that you are excited about and would most like to share with other people?

Hollerbach: I’m serving as president of the Pettibon Systems Club, which I am starting this quarter.

TCL: You’ve been fairly humble with regard to your role in bringing the 2015 WCCS AGM to Life U, and even though you opened many of the doors to the AGM, you did defer to fellow student Penny Avilés as the “brains of the outfit,” so is there anything else you’d like to share?

Hollerbach: I am proud of the fact that I helped start two other Delta Sigma Chi chapters, one at Sherman College of Chiropractic and one at the new school in Dresden, Germany. After 102 years of being a fraternity, there was never an international chapter before, and I was instrumental in starting the first one. So, I am kind of proud about that.



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