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Kathi Handt

TCL is pleased to recognize and acknowledge Mrs. Handt for her contributions as a founding member of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW), as well as the exemplary way in which she has co-created the perfect chiropractic environment in which to grow a practice, create a life-changing course in self-development, a supremely satisfying lifestyle, co-author a book and raise a family.


TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?


Handt: I’d be proud to be remembered for being a founding member, founding board member, and board secretary for the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) is so special to me. To have been one of only two non-DCs to be asked to participate in the formation of this incredible women’s organization is something that is so humbling and I am so proud to be part of. I have spoken on platforms before, but since LCW’s inception, I’ve spoken internationally to organizations on raising a chiropractic family, being a strong chiropractic anchor, Lasting Purpose, the importance of the chiropractic spouse, retiring in practice, the importance of speaking your mind, and empowering women to take leadership roles! There is no doubt that the women who founded LCW are movers and shakers in our profession. We all hold the LCW mission dear to our hearts and it is an honor to call them my “sisters,” including my daughter, Morgan, who is also a founding member!

I’ve co-authored a book (Retire In Practice) with my husband, Jay. I am also honored and proud of having been involved in the formation of LIFEforce, LIFE Leadership Weekend and LIFE Vision. Personally, one of my biggest achievements was bringing up our family in a chiropractic world and knowing that our children will do the same for their families.


TCL: What projects are you working on that you are most excited about and would most like to share with others?


Handt: There are a couple. Of course, LIFEforce and the LIFE Leadership Weekend are on the list. Each time I facilitate a group of prospective LIFE students, I am inspired. LIFE attracts the most incredible people to its campus! And wherever I travel, I talk about LIFE, and becoming a member of LIFEforce 1000. Also, Inner Winners is a major passion, working with my husband, Jay, along with Chuck and Ruth Ribley in the U.S., and also with Mark Hudson and Lynn McAvenia in Australia and Spain. We all love giving everything we’ve got so that people can re-connect to their higher selves, allowing them to experience innate on a higher level, and to break through their past experiences and their limiting beliefs so that they can live in the now and create an extraordinary future. Of course, this is all wrapped up in a Chiropractic package!


For TCL readers who would like to learn more about Kathi Handt and the works she’s doing, a website is in the works and, in the meantime, you may visit Inner Winners at facebook.com/innerwinners. You can find out more about Retire in Practice at www.retireinpractice.com. For those who’d like to see more about Kathi’s intentions, visit www.mindmovies.com/kathihandt. If you’d like to reach her directly, email kathilcw@gmail.comor kathi@innerwinnersseminars.com.




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