John G. Williams, D.C.

Paving a Wider World for TIC

Paving a Wider World for TIC
Working to Make LIFE Europe a Reality

John G. Williams, D.C.

TCL is pleased to recognize Dr. John Williams, president of the Associazione Italiana Chiropratici  (Association of Italian Chiropractors or “AIC”) since 2004 for his leadership in their legislative efforts to open the Italian healthcare system to chiropractors as primary contact doctors. Dr. Williams and the AIC worked diligently and strategically with their champion in government, Senator Luigi Lusi, to ensure their success legislatively. This kind of effort – partnering with governments on behalf of chiropractic – is the most essential leadership needed to take chiropractic to the world. Once the AIC was successful in their efforts to open Italy to chiropractic. Dr. Williams barely skipped a beat before strategizing the next step: Bringing principled chiropractic education to Italy and the rest of Europe.

We are especially pleased to honor Dr. Williams for approaching Life University, on behalf of the AIC, to explore a partnership leading to the establishment in Rome of an accredited and widely recognized Doctor of Chiropractic Program (DCP). When open, in conjunction with LINK University, LIFE Rome will offer the same high quality of education – in English – available to students on the LIFE campus in Atlanta. Nowhere is such a presence more important than in Europe, where chiropractic has been practiced for years, but largely stripped of its philosophical underpinnings. Thanks to Dr. Williams efforts, along with the AIC and Senator Lusi, chiropractic will soon have the European foothold it needs to increase understanding of both its principles and its potential as an integral part of the healthcare landscape.


TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be acknowledged?

Williams: For being instrumental for the recognition of chiropractic as a “primary healthcare profession” in Italy (2007)

TCL: What projects are you working on now (or have worked on recently) that you are most excited about and would like more people to know about?

Williams: There are a number of them I’m working to complete, foremost of which is the regulatory process of the profession, which has been stalled for eight years, due to intense lobbying by other stakeholders. Others include:

  • The realization of a branch campus of Life University in Rome, which will be a great boost in obtaining professional regulation in Italy, and will ensure the diffusion of chiropractic principles in Europe
  • Promoting the growth of chiropractic in Europe and its inclusion into the European health workforce, by participating in European groups such as the Joint Action Health Workforce Planning initiative that the Association of Italian Chiropractors (AIC) is presently part of.




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