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The Circle of LIFE

The Circle of LIFE
Finding Ways To Give

Dr. Jay Handt

Today’s Chiropractic Leadership would like to honor Dr. Jay Handt for his many contributions to the chiropractic profession and to Life University, in particular his unwavering support of the President’s Circle. Without gifts to this special discretionary fund, many LIFE initiatives and promotional activities could not happen and without supporters like Dr. Jay Handt, the President’s Circle could not happen.

TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?

Handt:  I am proud to be a member of the Life University Board of Trustees, a founding member of LIFEforce 1000, a New Beginnings board member, a founding member of New York Chiropractic Council, and a partner in the Inner Winners Seminars, along with Chuck Ribley and our spouses, Kathi (Handt) and Ruth (Ribley), which was founded in the U.S. and is now in Australia and Spain as well. I’d also like to be remembered as the co-author (with Kathi) of Retire In Practice, a facilitator at LIFE Leadership Weekends (helping prospective students discover how they make choices in their lives and how chiropractic fits into their lives), as a mentor of students and young DCs. I’m also very proud of having received the LIFEforce 1000 Chiropractor of the Year and Life University Honorary Alumni Awards.

TCL: What project are you working on now are most excited about and would like to share with more people?

Handt: I’m very excited about taking the President’s Circle to the next level, enrolling as many DCs as possible as President’s Circle members. The reason this is so important is that the President’s Circle helps fund the LIFE Leadership Weekend program, which I feel is one of the most important events that LIFE holds. It engages prospective students and their guests, and not only into the College of Chiropractic but, more importantly, to the notion of a Vitalistic chiropractic lifestyle.

Next, I serve as chair of the Life University Board International Committee and I’m also extremely excited about Life U in ROME! This project is helping fulfill one of Life University’s earliest missions of bringing Life U Chiropractic around the world. By opening a branch campus of Life U in Rome, we have the opportunity to change the face of chiropractic throughout Europe.

I’m always excited about Inner Winners, which is a program we developed to help chiropractors discover or re-discover their passion for the profession and lifestyle, as well as breaking free of limiting beliefs that may have held them back or kept them from becoming their fullest expression of who they truly are. We now have Inner Winner programs in the US, Australia and Spain.

TCL: What else would you like to share with TCL readers?

Handt: I am proud and fortunate to have wonderful children, Dr. Josh & Dr. Morgan, following in my footsteps as chiropractors, and Ryan, a gifted photographer. And I am fortunate to have my wife Kathi because, without her, none of this ever would have been possible.

TCL readers may find more information about Dr. Jay Handt at his website, www.newyorkchiropractic.com.






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