Jason Corosanite, D.C.

Educating the Whole Child

Educating the Whole Child
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Jason Corosanite, DC

TCL is particularly pleased to honor Dr. Corosanite for his work to weave chiropractic philosophy into K-12 education. As we were putting info together for this edition of TCL, it turned out the timing wasn’t ideal for Dr. Corosanite to share some very exciting news about the revolutionary approach he has partnered with his mother to create, the String Theory Schools. However, now, the timing is perfect!

Right up until “press time,” Dr. Corosanite has been under a non-disclosure agreement and unable to announce Apple had spent ten days at his String Theory school filming for a video profile on him and the school – and the video has since been released (see below).

To gain a better understanding of Dr. Corosanite’s inclusion of chiropractic’s Vitalistic philosophy and a K-12 environment that supports maximizing kids’ potential, TCL readers may wish to read the Faces of LIFE profile here.


For TCL readers who would like to see one of their own making ripples from his chiropractic abundance, there are two videos that will interest you. The first video you’ll see is the school profile video at the top of the page and if you scroll down, there’s another video featuring two of our students.


Many thanks – and congratulations – to Dr. Corosanite for the work he is doing to ensure more children have more opportunities to be their best possible self.




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