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Dr. Mary Lucus-Flannery

TCL is pleased to honor Dr. Lucus-Flannery for her work in founding the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) in order to build the leadership strengths of women, particularly in communicating their experience through both the written and spoken word.


TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be remembered?


Lucus Flannery: As a founder of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW), and having created the Writer’s and Speaker’s Bureau for LCW, which has coached 60 plus women to improve their professional speaking abilities. I’ve also created online storytelling coaching business, The Art of Story Project, as well as ADIO Radio, a podcast for prospective students and anyone who wants to know more about chiropractic.


TCL: What projects are you working on now that you find most exciting and would most want to share with people?


Lucus Flannery: I’m a professional writer who frequently contributes articles to chiropractic magazines online and in print. I’m currently building more modules and content for the Art of Story Project, which is a website which provides online education for chiropractors and staff to use story as an essential building block for marketing and communication and to become powerful and authentic speakers and presenters. And, of course, in my “day job,” I’m the Dean of Enrollment at Life Chiropractic College West.


TCL: Where might TCL readers find some examples of your writing?


Luaus-Flannery: Here are a few they might find of particular interest:


Interested TCL readers may find more about Lucus Flannery’s work at www.TheArtofStoryProject.com and  www.ADIOradio.com.

 Adio Radio
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