Dr. Gilles LaMarche

Putting the Servant in Servant-Leader

When you think of chiropractors who have made service their raison d’être, the first one to come to the mind of anyone who knows him is Dr. Gilles LaMarche. In fact, Dr. LaMarche will tell you that his first technique is loving service, reflecting his many years as the driving force behind the Parker Seminars at their peak. 

Today, Dr. LaMarche, as Vice President of Professional Relations at Life University, is the driving force behind LIFE Vision and his sense of service has found a fitting new home expressed as Lasting Purpose. In addition to LIFE Vision, Dr. LaMarche has supported Life U DC students in creating the Philosophy and Technique Summit, hosted students from the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, organized 5K runs on Life’s campus supporting various community non-profits, generously donated to a number of campus service initiatives and hosted countless guests in his home, from visiting dignitaries to students with no place else 

to go after experiencing a tragic loss. Clearly, he lives and breathes the essence of giving, loving, doing and service from a sense of abundance. 

What many people many not know is that his work as a university administrator is Dr. LaMarche’s “second act,” a vocation he took up after retiring following 25 years as one of the most successful chiropractors in Canada. There’s little doubt he built such a successful practice on service to his patients. 

Today’s Chiropractic Leadership is proud to have this opportunity to honor Dr. Gilles LaMarche, as one of our Mavericks, Geniuses and Icons, for his many years and one of the most visible and active servant leaders in the chiropractic profession today. Readers who wish to contact Dr. LaMarche may email Gilles.LaMarche@LIFE.edu. 

For a larger perspective on his many contributions and accomplishments, please see a description below:



Cornell University 

Executive Leadership Program 2012 

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 

Doctor of Chiropractic 1979 

University of Toronto 

Bachelor of Science 1975 

Ecole Secondaire Theriault 

High School Diploma (5 year program including university prep year) 1972 



The Institute of Human Potential Being of Light Award 2016 

Chiropractic Research Founding Partner 2013 

Ambassador of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation 2013 

Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation Award 2010 

CLA Chiropractor of the Year 2008 

Chiropractor of the Year (Canadian Chiropractor Magazine) 2005 

Man of the Year – Northern Ontario 2003 

Who’s Who in Executive and Professionals 2001 

Toastmasters International – “Accomplished Toast Master” 1997 

Toastmasters International – “Competent Toast Master” 1996 

Parker Management Consultant of the Year 1990 

Parker Seminars Chiropractor of the Year (Canada) 1988 

Parker Seminars – GTO Awards 1982-1988 

Pioneer Partner – Parker College of Chiropractic 1982-2012 

CMCC Service Award 1979 

Northern Ontario Athlete of the Year 1972-1973 



The Bigness of Chiropractic Mastermind 

· Creator and host 2017- 


HCF Thrive 

· Author and mentor of HCF Thrive online training program 2017- 


Jeff Hays Films 

· Consultant for documentary Undoctored released in 2016 

· Consultant and Producer for documentary Bought released 2014 

· Consultant for documentary Doctored released in September of 2012 


Life University 

· Vice President of Professional Relations & Postgraduate Education 2013- 

· Correspondent for Today’s Chiropractic Leadership 2018- 


Parker University 2011-2012 

· Vice President of Wellness Clinics, Research, CE and Seminars 


Spinal Research Foundation (Australia) 

· Board Member 2016- 

· Member of the Research Grant Review Committee 2011- 

· International Ambassador 2015- 


Parker University 2008-2011 

Vice President of Seminars and External Relations 

Leader of a team of individuals, who reached out to the chiropractic community, 

supporting the growth of chiropractors and their assistants via seminars, external 

relations, and Parker Share Products; host of the largest gathering of chiropractic 

professionals with Parker Seminars. 


Parker University – College of Chiropractic 2006-2012 

Director of Parker Seminars 

Created and implemented the vision for the revival of Parker Seminars; edited the 

Parker System for Professional Success Manual Edition II and Edition III. 


Infinite Solution Coaching 2006-2008 

Personal Development Coach 

Business and personal development coaching for chiropractors. 

Six Advisors Coaching Academy 2005-2015 

Certified as a 6 Advisors Academy Coach, offering services to chiropractors and 

other professionals in both French and English. 


Chirocom Group 2004-2008 


Specialized in creating communication products for the chiropractic profession in 

both French and English. These wellness based print products are still offered through www.promo-chiro.com. 


Straubury Chiropractic 2003-2004 


Supported Straubury Chiropractic Publications, a UK based organization, 

to bring their products to America. 


Private Practice 1979-2004 

Doctor of Chiropractic 

From 1979 to 1984, developed one of Canada’s largest chiropractic clinics in the town 

of Hearst, Ontario, with a satellite clinic in Longlac, Ontario. In 1984 sold practices 

and moved to the City of Timmins, Ontario, where I established LaMarche Chiropractic 

Clinic, active for 20 years. Retired from practice in April of 2004 due to what had been 

termed a terminal illness (Primary Pulmonary Hypertension). Fully recovered with no 

medical intervention, following an even deeper commitment to chiropractic and a vitalistic lifestyle. 


Lecturer/Presenter 1984-Present 

Travel and lecture around the world teaching chiropractors, chiropractic assistants and others chiropractic philosophy; contemporary chiropractic science and published research; communication skills; office procedures; the benefit of vitalistic lifestyles for overall health and well-being; the philosophy of success; stress reduction; balancing work and home; leadership skills; customer service; all within the context of living an inspired and responsible life, while contributing to society. I have lectured and presented workshops in Australia, Canada, Denmark, The United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Scotland, The Bahamas, and The United States of America, and continue to receive invitations to present. 



Master of Ceremonies – professional Emcee for a variety of conferences, events and organizations nationally and internationally 

Expert Witness – at a number of trials and licensing board hearings 

Cobb Chamber of Commerce 

· Member of Health and Wellness Committee 2017- 

· Member of Government Affairs Committee 2018- 

Cobb Library Foundation 

· Board Member and President 2017-Present 

· Board Member and Vice-President 2014-2016 

Canadian American Chamber of Commerce – Dallas, TX 

· Board Chair 2009-2011 

· Board Member 2008-2011 

College of Chiropractors of Ontario (licensing board) 1993-2008 

President, Committee Member and Advocate 

Several positions held from 1993 to 2008, including President, 

Council Vice President, Chair of Complaints Committee, and 

Chair of Patient Relations Committee. 

Also served as a Peer Assessor, and member on several committees 

including Executive, Patient Relations, Complaints, and Fitness to Practice. 

Government of Ontario 

Ministry of Transport 

License Suspension Appeal Board 1996-2003 

Presiding Member / License Appeal Tribunal Member

Divisional and Provincial Court System 

Qualified as an expert witness in the Ontario and Quebec and testified in 

numerous court proceedings. 

American Board of Disability Analysts 1990-2004 

Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomate 

Parker University 1990-2013 

Post Graduate Faculty 

Lectured at more than 100 Parker Seminars on multiple subjects relating to 

patient centered care, philosophy, patient-centric procedures, communication 

and leadership. 

Parker School for Professional Success / Parker Seminars 1988-2013 

Team Teacher/Mentor 

Toastmasters International
- received CTM and ATM designations. Mentored/supported the development of other speakers. 

Cochrane District D.A.R.E. 1996-2004 

Chairperson and Board Member 

Drug Abuse Resistance Education – lead the committee to fundraise for the delivery 

of the program by the Timmins Police Force, to all 6th grade students in the area. 

Rehab Plus 1996-2005 

Founder, Developer and President

This 5,000 square foot facility offered rehabilitation services with the assistance of physiotherapists and kinesiologists, as well as fitness programs for members of the community. Sold interest to partners in 2005. 

Timmins Fitness and Racquet Club 1999-2005 

Co-Founder and President 

As an expansion to Rehab Plus, this 10,000 square foot facility was converted from 

a corporate fitness facility to a public facility. Sold in 2005. 

Peak Potential Seminars 1999-2004

President and Presenter 

Presented personal development seminars, and also hosted other speakers 

such as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen for the Timmins and 

surrounding communities. 

South Cochrane Child and Youth Services 1992-1999 

Board Member 

As volunteer involved in supporting a team delivering child, youth and family programs. 

Porcupine United Way 1989-1992 

Board Member 

Fundraising initiatives and providing direction for the administrative team. 

Timmins Family Counseling Centre 1986-1989 

Board Member 

Fundraising initiatives and providing direction for the administrative team. 


The Patient Centered Practice Guide (Coming in 2018) 

Tribe of Chiropractic Mentors (Coming in 2018) 

“The Story of ‘YOUR’ Something (Coming in 2018) 

The Road to Mastery – Thoughts and Premises from Master Healers (Coming in 2019) 

The Bigness of Chiropractic- A Collection of Essays 2017 

“The ART of Being Healthy – Real Life Stories of Children and Mothers 

Healing with Chiropractic 2016 

“The ART of Being Healthy – wellness concepts from the pros” (Vol. 1&2) 2013 

“The ART of Success” 2013 

“The Art of Responsibility” 2012 

“The Well Adjusted Soul” 2011 

“Tired of Being Sick and Tired” 2008 

“Wake Up…Live the Life You Love” 2004 

“Say YES to Chiropractic Success” 2003 

“The Sports Injury Symposium” 2002 

“Chiropractic from the Heart” 2001 

“Steering Your Ship Called Life” 1999 

“The Perfect Path to Practice Success” 1995 

“Stress without Distress” 1994 

“Awaken the Healer Within” 1992 


“Pure Chiropractic Philosophy” 2011 

“Chiropractic and Your Well-being” 2010 

“Chiropractic Pamphlet Series in English” 2006 

“Chiropractic Pamphlet Series in French” 2005 

“Chiropractic Excellence – The Library Forms (CD)” 2003 


Today’s Chiropractic Leadership – 2014 

Developing a Model Curriculum for Ethical Practice Building at Chiropractic Colleges – JCCA – 2012 

ACC-RAC presentation at 2011 and 2012 conferences on Ethical Practice Building education. 

Research or Perish – Parker Life – 2011 

Service Consciousness – the key to providing patient service centered care – TLC – 2010 

Positioning yourself as a health care leader in your community – Chiropractic Economics – 2010 

The ART of Communication – DC Canada – 2009 

How to hire an exceptional CA – Chiropractic Economics – 2008 

A Chiropractor’s Story – Chiropractic Economics – 2008 


The Anatomy of a Leader – WCCS – Mexico 

Reinforcing patients’ attitudes for lifetime care – Norwegian Assoc. 

Taking your patient beyond the back – Odense, Denmark 

Living Principled Chiropractic – ChiroSoft Cruise 

Attitude: Your Internal Leader – Swiss Chiropractic Assoc. 

Life in chiropractic is great – Anglo European Chiropractic College 

Philosophy – The Foundation of Chiropractic – AECC 

The Trends in Healthcare – Can We Continue to Ignore the Facts – BCCA 

The ART of Responsibility 

Living a LIFE of Purpose with Integrity 

Chiropractic – The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare 

Chiropractic Formula for Success 

Chiropractic and Your Wellbeing 

Living Without Fear 

Sets Your Sights on your Future 

The Power of Persistence 

33 Principles of Chiropractic 

The Parker Principles 

Chiropractic Philosophy – Pure and Powerful 

Progress Visits that Reinforce Wellness Behavior 

There has Never Been a Better Time to be a Chiropractor 

How to “WOW” your Clients with Service 

The Science of Wellness – Chiropractic First 

Record Keeping that Meets Regulatory Standards 

Reinforcing Patient Attitudes for Lifetime Care 

The Story of Your Something 

Spinal Anatomy and Physiology for the CA 

Expanding Quality Chiropractic in Your Community 

The Evolution of Chiropractic – a historical perspective 

Selfless Service – The Guide to a Successful Practice and Life 

Start with ONE 

Take Charge of Your Life 

How Willing Are You? 

Are You a Champion? 

Say, Do You know You are Priceless? 

21 Action Steps for Monday 

The Science, Philosophy and Art of Chiropractic 

The Ideal Path to Practice Success 

Transformational Leadership – A Pivotal Moment in Time 


Academy of Missouri Chiropractors 

Alliance for Chiropractic – Ontario 

Anglo European Chiropractic College 

Association of Italian Chiropractors 

Australian Spinal Research Foundation 

Bahamas Chiropractic Association 

Barber Middle School Teacher Development Day 

Berkshire Philosophy Group 

British Columbia Chiropractic Association 

California Jam Seminars 

California Chiropractic Association 

Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce 

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 

Canadian Government – Customs and Revenue 

Chiropractic Awareness Council 

Chiropractic Pure and Powerful 

City of Timmins 

Cobb Chamber of Commerce 

College of Chiropractors of Ontario 

Copenhagen Chiropractic Alliance- Denmark 


Edmonton Chiropractic Society 

EPOC – Dallas, Nebraska, St-Louis, Minnesota, Boston, North Dakota, Vancouver, Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin … 

Florida Chiropractic Conferences 

FOCUS Oklahoma 

HCF Seminars – Life It to Lead It 

Life Path TV 

Life Roma Seminar 

Life University 

Life Vision Seminars 

Life West Chiropractic College 

Manitoba Chiropractic Association 

Maritime Chiropractic Association 

Massachusetts Chiropractic Philosophy Alliance 

Michigan Association of Chiropractors 

Midtown Business Radio-X 

New Beginnings Philosophy Seminars 

New York Chiropractic College 

New York State Chiropractic Association 

New York Chiropractic Council 

North Carolina Chiropractic Association 

Norwegian Chiropractic Association 

Ohio State Chiropractic Association 

One Concept 

Ontario Chiropractic Association 

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 

Ontario Ministry of Travel and Tourism 

Parker Seminars 

Parker Seminars Australia 

Parker Seminars Japan 

Parker University 

Reyco Corporation 

Saskatoon Chiropractic Society 

Swiss Chiropractic Association 

The Edinburg Lectures 

The Family Practice 

True Concepts Seminars 

Université du Québec a Trois Rivières (UQTR) 

University of Utrecht – Netherlands 


Multiple PowerPoint presentations including “Chiropractic and your Wellbeing” 2005-Present 

Written many articles for a variety of chiropractic and non-chiropractic magazines including The Canadian Chiropractor, Dynamic Chiropractic, Chiropractic Economics, Chiropractic Wellness and Fitness Magazine, The College of Chiropractors of Ontario, SHARE Magazine, Anglo European Chiropractic College Newsletter, and Chiro One-Source. 


French – Speak, Read and Write 

English – Speak, Read and Write 


American Board of Disability Analysts 

Australian Spinal Research Foundation (Diamond Member) 

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (NSA Canada) 

Canadian Spinal Research Foundation 

Canadian Chiropractic Association 

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 

Chiropractic Awareness Council 

Cobb Chamber of Commerce 

College of Chiropractors of Ontario 

Georgia Chiropractic Association 

Georgia Chiropractic Council 

International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO) 

International Chiropractors Association (Lifetime Member) 

Life University President’s Circle 

Northern Ontario Hockey Association Trainer 

Ontario Chiropractic Association 

Parker Alumni Association (Lifetime Member) 

Toastmasters International 

Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals 


Dr. Gilles LaMarche is a chiropractor, educator, passionate healer, accomplished author, professional speaker, and inspiring certified personal development/executive coach. He was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Dr. LaMarche found his calling as a healer when at the age of twelve he was taken to a chiropractor after years spent as an “unwell” child. His only expectation was that a chiropractor might help him resume regular activities without pain; little did he know that one meeting would change the course of his life and he would soon discover the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic which lead him to a vision for better health. This vision: to help the world discover the importance and value of taking personal responsibility for overall health and well-being naturally. Dr. LaMarche continues to live to this vision today some fifty-plus years later. 

Dr. LaMarche enjoyed sharing this philosophy with his patients in private practice in Northern Ontario from 1979-2004. He was named International Chiropractor of the Year by Parker Seminars in 1988, and Canadian Chiropractor of the Year for 2005-2006 by the readers of the Canadian Chiropractor magazine. He was a member of the Parker College of Chiropractic (Parker University) postgraduate faculty from 1990 to 2013. In October 2006, he accepted the position of Acting Director of Parker Seminars, and later Vice President of Seminars and External Relations. In late 2011, his responsibilities were increased and he became Vice President of Wellness Centers, Research, Continuing Education and Seminars at Parker University, a position he held until July 20, 2012. Through Parker Seminars, while developing and nurturing exceptional personal relationships, Dr. LaMarche focused on advancing and uniting the chiropractic profession while encouraging people to take responsibility for the gift of health. In the fall of 2013 he joined the executive team at Life University as Vice President of Professional Relations. He presently leads LIFE Vision Seminars, nationally and internationally. For more than 30 years, he has studied the philosophy of success, a hobby that has supported his vision to share the message of health and personal responsibility. 

Gilles has learned to balance his life, enjoying a successful professional career and a wonderful personal life. His personal philosophy encompasses mind, body and spirit. He believes in the great importance of commitment and responsibility to the world in which we live. He is a husband, a doctor, a teacher, and a friend, and most importantly Dad to three terrific young adults, and grandfather to three beautiful girls, and 2 “little men”. His mission is to help all those he meets achieve their potential. Gilles is a little man with a big heart and an open spirit. He has chosen to live his life from a position of “Loving Service – My First Technique”, a way of life he learned from his mentor Dr. James W. Parker. 

Dr. LaMarche has dedicated his life to helping others. Through the years he has been inspired by many mentors, and in turn has agreed to mentor many along his path. His personal mission statement reads: “I hereby pledge my life to my greatest expression of love and service for the benefit of humanity”. He has been involved in leading a healthy lifestyle via the scouting movement and athletics since childhood. He is an avid runner and cyclist, enjoys track and field, and staying fit. He regularly participates in both water and alpine skiing and previously raced snowmobiles in the semi-pro circuit. One of his passions is motor vehicles, especially the sporty quick ones. Reading voraciously for continued expansion of mind and spirit is a passion he holds dear to his heart, second only to God, family and chiropractic. His top-ten book list includes: Living a Purposeful Life, The Bigness of the Fellow Within, Man’s Greatest Gift to Man, The Greatest Salesman in the World, Laws of Success, The Holy Bible, The Glory of Going On, Developing the Leader Within You, The Speed of Trust. 

This Curriculum Vita is true and correct as of April 4, 2018.

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