David Lutz

Blazing a Trail

Blazing a Trail
Of Lasting Purpose

Pictured here with Sarah Powers

David Lutz, D.C. Student

TCL would like to honor and recognize Mr. Lutz’s invaluable contribution as a LIFE student and supporter in establishing the Michigan State University Pre-Chiropractic Association. Mr. Lutz and fellow MSU student, Brent Money, both on a path to become chiropractors, agreed that chiropractic was not sufficiently recognized as a profession at their alma mater. The two made a deal that, before they left MSU, they would start a pre-chiropractic club so that students who came after them would have an easier time discovering more about chiropractic and chiropractic education.

This kind of leadership, that begins before a student has even entered his chosen profession, is truly extraordinary. And it doesn’t stop there. Read on for an example of Lasting Purpose in action.

TCL: For which achievements as a student will you most want to be remembered?

Lutz: Brent Money, a current 9th quarter DC student at Life, and I met our freshman year orientation at Michigan State University (MSU) in the summer of 2009. We connected immediately on our path to become chiropractors and, on multiple occasions as time went by, we discussed starting a Pre-Chiropractic Association (PCA) because conversations with our classmates were consistent over and over again; there was a definite lack of resources and community around pursuing chiropractic after our undergraduate studies. Finally, we made a hard commitment to create a PCA after our junior year in spring 2012. Once we committed, the process fell into place. We submitted the paperwork and MSU PCA was born! Enrollment picked up quickly during Fall 2012 reaching 20 members.

At the time, I was working at Infinity Chiropractic Center, a subluxation-based office in which Dr. Jody Conley and Dr. Jodi Whitfield educated me on the philosophic truth behind chiropractic, and I shared it with my fellow Spartan classmates. Everyone was excited and during the 2012-2013 school year, we had the pleasure of hearing from multiple chiropractors and chiropractic schools. Passion for chiropractic was burning on MSU’s campus! Our chiropractic excitement peaked when Erica Michaels (Life U director of Life U recruiters) and a student recruiter from Life U came to speak to the association. Every single member left the meeting that evening ecstatic about becoming a chiropractor!

To this day, MSU PCA holds strong! The excitement about chiropractic and Life University is still palpable among members. It has been an honor to travel back to MSU twice during my time at Life University to conduct student-recruiting events with Dr. Riekeman. I have no doubt that MSU PCA will be a beacon of light on MSU’s campus for many years to come.

TCL: What projects are you working on now that are exciting and you’d like to share with more people?

Lutz: Student LIFEforce. I committed at the age of 12 to become a chiropractor and my excitement peaked once I found Life University, when our MSU PCA hosted Dr. Riekeman for a student-recruiting event. Life U student Katie Kenny, who was part of Student LIFEforce (SLF), traveled with Dr. Riekeman and I was intrigued. A year and a half later, I enrolled in Life University still interested in SLF. During my first quarter, I attended a club meeting and instantly became a member. Getting involved with the university on a deeper level to serve the larger vision was a passion of mine. I volunteered my time as much as possible and started to become a part of the Life U family; I felt at home.

Our continued success and enthusiasm is largely due to the LIFEforce 1000 team of Dr. Gilles LaMarche, Dr. Cierra Hoffman, and Kevin Irwin. Fellow SLF leaders, and still do Zach Thomas, Chelsea Bachelor, Sarah Powers and I are so grateful for their leadership and support. Our connection is deep with the Life U chiropractic community and LIFEforce 1000. SLF has become an organization for students to grow as chiropractors, leaders, and professionals.

TCL: Are there any other involvements or contributions you’d like to share?

Lutz: Yes – an added bonus…The Family Practice Club! Along with Sarah Powers (pictured with Lutz, above), Daniel Kimbley, and Zach Thomas, we got the ball rolling this Fall (2015). We are learning, with Dr. Eric Plasker, what it takes to build a successful family practice from scratch. We already have over fifty members and the interest is still growing!

I’m so excited to become a Doctor of Chiropractic! It’s my passion and purpose for being on this earth. Thank you Life University for helping me become the man the universe has intended.

TCL readers who would like to learn more about the Michigan State University Pre-Chiropractic Association, or Student LIFEforce or the Family Practice club may email Mr. Lutz directly at david.lutz@student.life.edu, at least as long as he’s at Life U, developing The Family Practice Club along with Pure Life Chiropractic, in partnership with fellow student Sarah Powers, so they are “ready to give, do, love and serve to [their] utmost ability in Bend, Oregon after graduation! Keep on the lookout for the debut in Fall of 2017.”



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