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Creating Community

Creating Community
Providing Prospects with Purpose

Danny Gambino, DC

It takes a great deal of kinesthetic acumen to become masterful in the chiropractic art. It seems only natural then, that athletic prowess might be a kind of kinesthetic or physical acumen that translates into athletes often making great chiropractors.

As a rugby player in his student years, Dr. Gambino was truly steeped – and his mettle tested – in the stuff of Life U. Dr. Gambino has spoken to students, all in good fun, and all about chiropractic as the inside-out health care practice it was always meant to be. He is a man whose visual messaging is likely to involve a guy in a gorilla suit – and this is only a small part of his charm.

TCL might easily have honored Dr. Gambino for having what appears to be the “secret formula” for success in practice. For many young graduates, the best practice advice it to be great at the chiropractic art and messaging, figure out where you want to live, then stay put and be a productive servant to that community. However, Dr. Gambino and his wife Dr. Kim Gambino have built thriving practices wherever they have gone. This ability provides solid modeling for young graduates, who are sometimes steeped in fear – and even sometimes taught – such things can’t be done.

TCL is pleased to honor Dr. Gambino for his work in developing the next generation of chiropractors by engaging with them at the pre-chiropractic club level. Through is work with one of the largest university-level chiropractic clubs in the world, Dr. Gambino is ensuring his future colleagues’ interest is focused on keeping chiropracTIC strong and philosophically well grounded.


TCL: For which professional (and/or personal) achievements will you most want to be acknowledged?

Gambino: There are a few accomplishments I’d want people to remember me for; these are at the top of the list:

  • Two-time recipient of the California Chiropractic Association’s Doctor of the Year award (2014 and 2015)
  • Significantly growing CCA’s Membership (as Chair of the Membership Committee)
  • Recipient of CCA’s Distinguished Service Award
  • Recipient of Life U’s 2015 Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • Founding member of Champions for Life, a non-profit organization geared toward educating future chiropractors
  • Recipient of Champion Doctor of the Year 2015

TCL: What project are you working on now (or have worked on recently) that you are most excited about and would like more people to know about?

Gambino: I was the founder, and serve as the host, of the largest pre-chiro club in California. Presently, I’m focused on continuing to grow the Pre-Chiro Clubs organization, largely through Facebook and other social media, into a national network of students interested in chiropractic as a career.

TCL: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Gambino: I want all chiropractors and students to realize that “being a chiropractor” means more than just having a diploma and a license; it means that we have an obligation and a duty to our profession and that being active in your state and national organizations is not just a good idea, it’s a part of practice. Leadership can be daunting, but it brings out the best in you. Forming bonds and building tribes is what we (my wife, Dr. Kim Gambino) and I are about and we will continue to move chiropractic forward with Lasting Purpose.


TCL readers who would like to learn more about Dr. Gambino and his practice may click here: http://drgambino.com

TCL readers are invited to see Dr. Gambino’s remarks on being awarded Life University’s Distinguished Alumnus award for 2015 here:






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