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Pioneering a Model of Family Wellness Care

The First Adjustment
Pioneering a Model of Family Wellness Care

Dr. Claudia Anrig

Untold numbers of children are living their lives free of easily corrected interference to their nerve systems because of chiropractors who specialize in pediatric care. As a result, all of those children are fulfilling more of their innate potential than would have been possible otherwise.


For some of those kids, chiropractic care has made the difference between being healthy and being even healthier. For others, the effects of chiropractic care have seemed nearly miraculous to parents as their children’s bodies began to better express the power to heal and adapt and their asthma improved (or disappeared), their ear infections abated (or disappeared), their tendency toward colic decreased (or disappeared), their developmental delays improved (or disappeared) and so on an so on, with this pattern of improvement often being seen in an array of chronic difficulties.


As a result, untold numbers of parents understand the power of life to more fully express itself in their children once under subluxation-focused chiropractic care. These parents provide the wealth of case study information that supports the effect of removing nerve system interference caused by minor misalignments to the spine. It can easily be argued that no chiropractor is more responsible for increasing the numbers of children and families under chiropractic care than Dr. Anrig. Her work has provided a template and the support needed for other chiropractors to operate successful family wellness practices.


The extent of Dr. Anrig’s contribution to present-day chiropractic cannot be overstated. Thanks to her efforts – and the knowledge she’s imparted to others in the profession – chiropractic is finding its rightful place among pediatric healthcare approaches. TCL would like to acknowledge and honor Dr. Anrig for her pioneering work in establishing and nurturing the Family Wellness movement in chiropractic, which she continues to expand and deepen in her First Adjustment seminars.


TCL: What would you like your professional legacy to be?

3-Anrig logoAnrig: There are four things for which I hope to be remembered professionally:
1) Co-creating the category of Family Wellness Chiropractic 25 years ago with my colleague, Dr. Judy Forrester;
2) The textbook, Pediatric Chiropractic, which helped educate and establish why children need chiropractic care as well as how to administer care to the pediatric population;
3) Co-creating the ICPA certification program with the late Dr. Larry Webster and having served on the board for 25 years and as its first president;
4) Being in the 13th year of my mentoring program, Generations, which provides the teaching and tools needed to help doctors achieve their dream of a family wellness practice.

TCL: What are you working on that you’re most excited about and want more people to know about?

Anrig: My latest project is developing new “parent-centric” educational tools for Next Generations members – these are those doctors that have graduated from Generations and chosen to continue on with me (some have been with me for over 10 years). I’m also in the third year of teaching my First Adjustment seminar, introducing doctors to the many joys and possibilities that come with having a Family Wellness practice.


For more information, TCL readers may want to view this video about the 2015 workshops since it contains a brief overview of the history of Dr. Anrig’s pioneering work in family wellness chiropractic:



Here is a sampling of Dr. Anrig’s accomplishments, qualifications and contributions to her profession:


  • 1982 – Life Chiropractic College
  • 1985 – Diplomate, Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
  • 1987 – Fellow, Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering
  • 1992 – Fellow, Gonstead Clinical Studies Society


Professional Qualifications

  • A.C.E. Approved Instructor (2014 – Present)
  • Post-Graduate Faculty — Life University – Atlanta, GA (1992-Present)
  • Post-Graduate Faculty — Cleveland Chiropractic College – KC (*1997-2013)
  • Post-Graduate Faculty — Parker College – Dallas, TX (*2000-2013)
  • Post-Graduate Faculty — NorthWestern Health Science – Bloomington, MN (*2000-2013)
  • International guest lecturer on chiropractic pediatrics


* Dates are estimated based on ICPA Diplomate Program Schedule


Board of Directors

  • Board member for over 25 years, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • Past President of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • Past President of the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice
  • Board member for over 20 years, Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
  • Past President of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
  • Past International Chiropractic Association Representative for California
  • Past President of the Fresno County Chiropractic Association



  • Co-Editor, Pediatric Chiropractic Second Edition, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
  • Author, Chiropractic Approaches to Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care in: Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
  • Co-Author, Somatovisceral Aspects of Chiropractic, Churchill Livingstone
  • Co-Author, Fundamentals of Chiropractic, Mosby
  • Numerous Articles regarding children’s health and chiropractic care for children.
  • Dynamic Chiropractic Columnist (1996–Present)


Professional Organizations

  • International Chiropractors Association
  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
  • California Chiropractic Association
  • League of Chiropractic Women

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