Brian A. Stenzler, MS, DC

Fighting for Healthcare Freedom

Fighting for Healthcare Freedom
As President of the CCA

Brian A. Stenzler, MS, DC

The mavericks, geniuses and icons of chiropractic share a common trait: Courage. In the early and middle years of chiropractic, the true leaders of the profession had the courage to go to jail and then, later, to sue the AMA for illegal restraint of trade – and win – in order to maintain their right to exist as a separate and distinct profession.

Today’s chiropractic leaders understand their care is not the panacea some of its early leaders assumed based on the enormous improvements they often saw in their patients after adjusting their spines to relieve them of misalignment. Today, chiropractors understand their care, which addresses nerve system interference to facilitate the body’s natural innate regulatory and healing abilities, is more necessary than ever.

Today, there are billions of dollars at stake in a game where fewer and fewer players are shooting for all the marbles in their desire to convince consumers that it is possible to patent and own health. Today, it is clearer than ever that it is consumers, we the people, who must free ourselves, from the tyranny of commoditized science in the service of healthcare conglomeration and paternalism. Today’s chiropractic leaders must be more courageous than ever in staving off encroachments on citizens’ rights to freedom in healthcare choice.

TCL would like to acknowledge and recognize Dr. Stenzler for his courageous and articulate stand against forced vaccinations following the misunderstood and inaccurately reported “Disneyland measles” outbreak. His has been an often-lone voice in the fight against the California legislature’s assault on freedom of healthcare choice.


TCL: For which professional achievements will you most want to be acknowledged?

Stenzler: Serving as President of California Chiropractic Association

TCL: What projects are you working on now that you are most excited about and would most want to share with people?

Stenzler: Fighting for freedom of healthcare choice in California regarding mandatory vaccinations and, of course, all of our other legislative items on our slate.



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