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Aura L. Tovar, DC

TCL would like to honor Dr. Tovar for her brilliant work in bringing chiropractic to the people in countries where it has not yet been introduced or widely adopted, all while maintaining an active solo practice. In dedicating herself to the ChiroMission program, and doing it with an emphasis on love and authenticity, Dr. Tovar is ensuring more people – and chiropractors – than ever before are able to live their lives and more fully express their potential.

In her response to being notified of her selection as a practicing doctor changing the world, Dr. Tovar responded: “It is truly an honor to be nominated and I am very humble for I am just a woman wanting to make a difference in humanity in the name of Chiropractic.” While we wouldn’t agree she’s “just” a woman on a mission, we couldn’t agree more that she is truly making a difference.

TCL: What would you like your professional legacy to be?

Tovar: My best professional achievement so far is Balance. I guess to sum it up, my greatest achievement is managing my roles as mom, chiropractor, philanthropist, and my “Naked”* self while staying passionate about what I do. And I want to keep doing more to make a bigger positive change in the human condition.

 TCL: What are you working on right now that you find exciting and would most like to share with others?

 Tovar: Right now my best project is moving chiropractic forward to other countries that don’t have access to it with our ChiroMission presence, by facilitating mission experiences for chiropractors that ignite their passion further, enough to make them want to join our life mission to change the world. I’m also excited about my Get Naked series, which is a program of workshops designed to strip all your outer layers to let your true light shine through.  “Getting naked” is a concept I have been speaking about throughout all the mission trips I have done with ChiroMission, for I believe the more clear we are as individuals, the more loving service we can spread to the world that needs it so much.  Hence, I have become such a big part of ChiroMission, with our mission to do good in humanity in the name of chiropractic and educate the world on what we do at a higher level.

TCL: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Tovar: I have been practicing for 16 years in my own family practice in Miami Florida. I love what I do and my two kids, who are truly my best accomplishments, were pretty much raised there.  I moved almost two years ago to a new office that is full of ocean paintings and butterflies for I believe the happier the environment for both chiropractor and patient the better the results.

In addition to my kids, as I shared earlier, my best accomplishment is still being passionate about all my projects without losing my balance, always taking time for me to explore growth and how best to expand my reach in the mission to help this world be more awaken to their inner healing powers.   Life has had many ups and downs including two divorces, however the learning curve has been wide and every day I feel stronger and more passionate about teaching others to find their truth and express their full potential.

For more information about ChiroMission, where Dr. Tovar serves as vice-president, TCL readers may visit

*TCL readers interested in hearing more from Dr. Tovar on “getting naked” may visit In describing the Get Naked series, Dr. Tovar said, “I am in a solo practice and am dedicated to helping my practice members improve their lives – body, mind and soul. Hence how I develop the “Get Naked series,” which consists of workshops I give to help all interested in removing “subluxation” above their ears, removing all the blocks and lies, allowing them to thrive in all areas of their lives.”

For readers who’d like to find out more about Dr. Tovar’s solo practice in Miami, where she has been actively practicing for sixteen years, please visit

To access Dr. Tovar’s podcasts on a variety of topics, including ChiroMission, Get Naked, and more, TCL readers my visit the following links:







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