VA Offers PEAK Experience

Here’s some exciting news from John F. Markham, D.C., who serves as the Executive Director of Level III Clinic Programs at Life University, on an important opportunity that is now available to Life University senior Doctor of Chiropractic students:


“Senior Intern Marquise Rivera has been selected to participate in a PEAK preceptorship VA Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee during Fall Quarter 2019.   She will be working with Dr. Jason Cook and his team in the Wellness Unit. The Wellness Unit was conceived as a way to cope with the Opioid epidemic and includes Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Emotional Support. The intern will learn to apply chiropractic care in a multi-disciplinary, in-patient facility. They work primarily with military veterans who have  that have led to opioid medication use, and this program is targeted to reduce or eliminate the need for opioid medications. We are excited about the potential to place additional interns in the future.”
This opportunity is well aligned with the future that chiropractic’s elder statesman, Dr. Gerard Clum, sees for chiropractic (and which can be viewed in the video embedded in the TCL article, Separate and Distinct).
Congratulations and many thanks to Dr. Markham and the Life University Clinics system for their leadership in securing this PEAK opportunity for Life U’s senior chiropractic students.

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