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Dr. Dominique “Dom” Scott is one of those “chiropractically infused” Life U alumni. He is a, second generation DC and is married to another DC. He has also built a huge name for himself – and contributed to building his practice – through his involvement with an elite youth volleyball league. As a result of his involvement, he was also recently featured in a book, Empowered Aging, by a former volleyball champ who asked him to contribute a chapter on what he teaches athletes, trainers and coaches at AVP First volleyball events. Dr. Dom is among 12 different health and performance professionals (and the only chiropractor) selected to share expertise on improving health, performance and protecting athletic longevity.


Dr. Dom serves on the board of AVP First (https://avp.com/avp-first/), which might be described as the “farm team” for the beach volleyball Olympic pipeline. He serves along with top-tier executives from a host of other fields, positioning him as a colleague within an elite group of top-tier business, banking, medical and other professionals.


Why should you, as a fellow chiropractor, care about the work Dr. Dom is doing? Because there may be a career-changing opportunity for you to serve as the sports chiropractic expert on a team of other professionals providing care and guidance for these young athletes.


Dr. Dom is in charge of the performance, prevention and recovery programs, as the AVP wants them to be delivered at AVP events, in forty different cities around the country. Dr. Dom is looking for chiropractors to be part of this effort. It is a great opportunity for qualified, philosophically-aligned chiropractors who would like to be involved in sports and performance chiropractic at this level. This is an opportunity to serve and also a provides a tremendous practice builder.




What experience is necessary for a chiropractor to serve? They must be chiropractors who are trained and to cover the basics of ice, bandages, Advil, tape, etc. They must also able to discuss with progressive directors and players the need for body and movement assessments, how to assess functional and dysfunctional movement, efficient play – and how being out of adjustment affects them all. To effectively serve AVPFirst athletes, it is also crucial that a chiropractor be able to communicate how chiropractic adjustment can enhance an athlete’s performance that day.


Most importantly in addition to being adjustment-focused, these chiropractors must be able to work collegially and credibly with experts in other areas (such as athletic training, physical therapy, pediatric orthopedics, etc.) and effectively discuss and compare findings and care/treatment plans and implementation. The goal is to create a collective of professionals who can help these junior athletes function at their best, increase endurance, reduce the possibility of injury and ensure optimal healing and recovery when injuries do happen.


The great opportunity here is to give every athlete the advantage that chiropractic can provide and to recognize, as well as clearly communicate, the potential (and actual) advantages of chiropractic care.


The qualified doc will also understand the value of relationship-building, the dedication involved in giving their time, the benefit of being identified as the onsite expert, and the inevitability of the rewards that come of service.


Dr. Dom is the one developing the criteria, so he is the one who will determine the kinds of care to be delivered to these athletes. The bottom line is that he needs chiropractors who are focused on assessment for the chiropractic adjustment more than the “sports part” (soft tissue work, etc.) and who understand the value of service.


Qualified and selected chiropractors will also receive the benefit of being identified as a participant in the AVP league, which also attracts athletes and coaches to their practices. Selected DCs are encouraged to have someone record them introducing themselves at the event and take photos to share in social media. This helps them make the most of the practice-building aspects of their involvement.


Go to the website (https://avp.com/schedule/) to learn which cities will be on the AVP tour and if you are anywhere nearby, apply today!


Contact Dr. Dom at LifeChirorpactic@yahoo.com and he will respond within two days.


Selected DCs will be given instructions on how to best and most appropriately communicate and position themselves at each event.


Drs. Deitch and Scott close out their conversation by sharing how chiropractors can “un-market” themselves and establish credibility by contributing their expertise by authoring or co-authoring books and serving back to organizations like the AVP.



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