Talking Health With the WHO

Talking Health With the WHO

The Rubicon Group will take advantage of its meeting location in Geneva, Switzerland, the home of the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct its first health care/healthy living policy development forum on Friday, September 2, 2016 at the WHO headquarters.

The day-long session will be organized around the WHO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in particular, SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages, which is underpinned by 17 targets that cover a wide spectrum of WHO’s work. A number of other goals will also impact on health related matters and they will also be included in the program. TRG will be carefully analyzing the goals in an attempt to identify the areas of possible involvement and greatest impact.

TRG is fortunate to be able to use the relationships developed at WHO by Dr. Ron Kirk, Life University, through the “Straighten Up” program. Since Dr. Kirk’s retirement from these efforts, Hussein Elsangak, M.D., D.C. has filled the position Dr. Kirk created. Dr. Elsangak has benefitted greatly from the mentorship of Dr. Kirk as well as from that of John Downes, D.C., Director of International Initiatives, Life University

The emphasis of TRG in this process will be on healthy living strategies. “Our goal is to expand the opportunities for interface with WHO and the world health community at large” commented Hussein Elsangak, M.D., D.C., Life University faculty member and member of the board of directors of the Alliance for Health Promotion, Geneva. “We respect and appreciate the work done at WHO by the World Federation of Chiropractic. We would be happy to add our resources and energy to their efforts but we are in pursuit of areas where the chiropractic profession has not been active globally and then to consider how we can contribute,” he added.

The program will begin with an overview the structure and function of WHO, offering the attendees a 30,000-foot view of the operations of WHO, a review of the areas of involvement of the profession at WHO and an exploration of new areas and new partners to impact the global health picture. Presentations will be provided by the Consortium of Universities for Global Health as well as a series of other non-governmental organizations working in the health and well-being area.

The goals of the day include developing a viable engagement strategy for TRG with various sectors and offices within WHO. Once this agenda has been set and agreed to by the TRG membership, we will turn our attention to the development of partnership relationships and collaborative projects as we seek to introduce ourselves to the WHO community.


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