During the 2016 Rio Olympics, Life U ran a four-ad series in the Atlanta market promoting all its programs from a shared perspective of Vitalism as the larger philosophical frame. Within that frame, of course, lies Chiropractic philosophy and the commercial promoting the Life U Doctor of Chiropractic program starts the same as all the others. However, insofar as is possible in 30 seconds, it represents what chiropractic care is about and what a chiropractic visit looks like. Please take a look at a video of the Doctor of Chiropractic program commercial below:

The next commercial in the series shares Life U’s strategic goals for leading the Vital Health Revolution. We aim to create a healthcare climate in which Chiropractic and its facilitative ADIO approach can more readily flourish than it has in the current interventionist paradigm. This plan includes clinical partnership with like-minded professions such as midwifery, functional neurology, functional kinesiology and positive psychology…and creating a launchpad in Europe – and beyond. From this higher vantage point, ChiropracTIC can break the stranglehold placed on it by medical doctors and practitioners who’ve practiced a non-specific treatment-oriented version of chiropractic science, devoid of its philosophy and artistry. You can see the commercial showcasing Life U’s strategic outlook below:

The third in the commercial series is for the Life U Graduate program, offering Master’s degrees in Nutrition, Athletic Training, Sport Health Science and Positive Psychology. These programs not only offer a Vitalistic perspective aligned with Chiropractic philosophy, they provide the skills and knowledge for graduates to pursue standalone practices (or partnerships) in those fields. Not coincidentally, they also provide chiropractors with additional skills and credentials that equip them to address other types of interference and/or human performance optimization. Click on the arrow below to take look at the Graduate program video below:

The final of the four commercials is for the Life U Undergraduate program offering 14 degrees ranging from biopsychology to exercise science to positive business. These degree programs, along with education in our Eight Core Values, offer both traditional and non-traditional students an educational option that focuses on their strengths, not just academically, but in their character as well. From Day One at Orientation, Life U students learn to step out of the box and look inward to connect with the true source for building lives of success and significance. You will find this commercial below:

Together, each of these pieces of the Life University whole truly make us greater than the sum of our parts – and form the basis of our potential to create positive social change that embraces chiropractic as the model for true health and wellness care.



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