Holding the Line, Crossing the Rubicon

BJ said that Chiropractic started in the United States, would spread around the globe and then come back to the United States and alter Chiropractic here. He was right!

There are now more colleges outside the USA than within it. So how are they doing in developing our profession internationally? Here’s just one example: 300 Italian DC’s are in the fight of their lives against nearly half a million MD’s who have a bill ready to pass that will make Chiropractic a prescribed profession that only requires a three-year technician’s education.

Dr. Guy F. Riekeman

Some of the international issues are coming back to bite us already. Point in case, CCE withdrew its membership in CCE-I, an international trade organization made up of the four CCE agencies. It had to do so, given the rules of the US Department of Education standards. “So what,” you might ask? Well, some provinces in Canada require you graduate from a CCE-I member college. Overnight, Canadian students became unable study in the US and then go home and practice.

Enter The Rubicon Group. Four years ago [in 2012], principled colleges from around the world met at Life University and banded together to spread Chiropractic internationally and ensure that our philosophy, science and art would be central to the education and practice of a chiropractor, as well as the education of the general public. The Rubicon Group is already affecting world politics.

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