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Mercy Navis, anatomy professor at Life University, has dedicated her career to serving chiropractic students and increasing their chances of success in the study of anatomy. A true scholar and exemplary teacher, Ms. Navis has created a three-volume dissection manual that focuses on structure and clinical application in a way that has students clamoring to have copies of their own. This impressively conceived and illustrated manual will be most helpful for students preparing to take national boards.

Navis’ Dissection Manual with Regions & Applied Anatomy is organized into three volumes, with each chapter of all three volumes designed to provide Learning Objectives, Introduction, Bony Landmarks and Applied Anatomy (Clinical) of featured structures.

Volume 1 is subtitled Upper Extremity and Thorax and provide clear and simple explanations of different regions the osteology, cutaneous nerves, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, joints, thoracic viscera and their relationships, along with the clinical importance of each.

Volume 2 is subtitled Lower Extremity, Abdomen, Pelvis & Perineum and also included the osteology, cutaneous nerves, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, joints, abdominal and pelvic viscera, glands, male and female reproductive organs with their relationships, along with both the male and female urogenital and anal triangles, again emphasizing their clinical importance.

Volume 3 is subtitled Head & Neck and Brain and includes the same structures (nerves, muscles, etc.) as the other volumes as well as the neuroglia and regions of the brain. 

All three volumes are accompanied by an interactive CD-ROM and are currently available through Amazon India.

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