Nutrition and a New Career

Then and Now

Nutrition and a New Career
Then and Now

In order to share the impact Life University’s Nutrition program has had on one graduate— and the Vitalistic foundation it provided for her and her new career—we’ll start with the end.

Delma De La Fuente (‘13) discovered just what it means when we say Life U has a Vitalistic Nutrition department as a student and, even more importantly, as a practitioner in her new career. Best of all, as we tell this “end of the story” first, today Delma serves on Life University’s Board of Alumni Affairs, not to mention serving as an ambassador for the Life U approach to Vitalistic Nutrition.

We asked Delma to tell us a bit more about her experience, which you will read in the brief interview below. And, then at the end, be sure and click on the link to see the beginning of the story.

TCL: What value did you find in your education at Life U?

DDLF: The value in terms of cost is remarkable; our nutrition department faculty and staff met and exceeded accreditation requirements, which includes a state-of-the-art food preparation/lab, at a lower cost than many programs (LINK: There is value in the fact that LIFE U welcomes and matriculates a sizable contingent of non-traditional students and actively promotes diversity awareness and community service. And, there is value in LIFE U’s health and wellness paradigm, which is aligned with the current shift from disease management to health promotion.

TCL: Has it made it easy to find a position you love because of what you learned here?

DDLF: I chose LIFE U because I knew that nutrition education is my calling and I wanted to earn the science-based credentials to validate my work in the wellness field. LIFE’s vitalistic tenet that our bodies are self-regulating and self-healing, serves as a cornerstone for the focus of disease prevention and wellness management. As such, I was scooped up by an integrative and functional medical practice, in part, because of my LIFE experience. My vision for LIFE is that it continues building on the unique position it is in to support a dietetics and nutrition program reflective of the emerging science-based Food as Medicine movement, by equipping our graduates to effectively serve in a growing field of integrative medicine, thereby helping to secure LIFE as a leader in nutrition health professional education.

TCL: Do you find the Vitalistic foundation of your education at Life U gave you an important perspective that’s different than your colleagues?

DDLF: My LIFE experience deepened my perspective around the stark differences between Vitalistic vs. Mechanistic mentalities. I am a more valuable and effective practitioner because I see a world of wellness and solutions, and not a world centered on suppressing health potential, which promotes disease progression.

Click here to see the beginning of Delma’s story.


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