Talkers Talk; Builders Build

This riff follows a recent interview with Dr. Sebastian Bonnin, a chiropractor in Puerto Rico, with updates on Puerto Rico. After 56 days (at that time) and, still today, with no electricity. he’s in amazing spirits and considers the devastation there an opportunity for a shift in evolution.

Those are the kind of people we need to help and support and that’s what the Chancellor’s Challenge is all about.

So, in this riff, Drs. Riekeman and Deitch are taking a different route from talking about the Dalai Lama, enrollment, new housing to talk about the tough stuff. Life U has stepped up to help long term, to rebuild their offices and practices. They’ve gone from seeing hundreds to seeing five a day. How can we not step up to help?

The Chancellor’s Challenge, which Dr. Riekeman says is deeply emotional for him, is asking 200 chiropractors to cross loyalty borders and be socially conscious enough to give $200 a month for one year. We’ve been asking for months – and only 20 chiropractors have stepped up.

If you had been knocked off your feet and all it took was $200 month to help you make in through, wouldn’t you hope your colleagues would step up to do that?

It’s more than money, it’s support for a whole culture – not just the DCs but their staff members – it has created a downward spiral.

Call 770-426-2601 and speak with Cherry. She will take your credit card information for whatever you’d like to donate – and some are doing more than $200 (Dr. Riekeman is donating $500/month).

So, right now, it’s not about our prison education program, our new housing, athletics or the Dalai Lama. The area looks like it has been ravaged by war – this is not a time to turn our backs on our brothers and sisters in the Caribbean. During times like this, people need chiropractic more to deal with the trauma, not less.

This is so simple. It’s black and white. You either want to help our brother and sister chiropractors down there, or you don’t. You just want to talk about it. Talkers talk, builders build.

Life will match every dollar that comes in.

Time to build.

Time to step up, join hands and take care of each other.

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