Subluxation as Disruption

Image credit: Dr. Heidi Haavik via and Haavik Research.

There have been an alarming number of natural disruptions in the world around us lately – from hurricanes to senseless acts of violence to forest fires – that have commanded our attention, but only for the short term.

In this edition of Disruptive Riffs (see video below), Dr. Guy Riekeman shares the “Chancellor’s Challenge,” offering chiropractors the opportunity to help rebuild chiropractic in Puerto Rico. Many chiropractors there, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, have great need in terms of getting back up and running – and, for $200 a month, you can contribute to our brothers and sisters there who will be needed by their patients more than ever. Can you imagine trying to rebuild your life without chiropractic care? It’s almost unimaginable – so, please be part of providing the equipment and money Puerto Rican chiropractors will need to serve their neighbors (and our fellow citizens).

THEN, hear from special guest Dr. Heidi Haavik as she shares the remarkable findings that show, beyond a doubt, that spinal dysfunction (aka, subluxation) is disruptive to optimal brain functioning – and that chiropractic adjustment reduces brain dysfunction. As Haavik points out, there are still monumentally large gaps in the research (that you can help fill), and yet proprioception and strength are clearly improved with adjustment, leading to clearly and reliably measurable improvements to systems functioning in predictable ways (and, perhaps forming a foundation of support for all the unpredictable ways that, time and again in case studies, appear the have been correlated with subluxation/spinal dysfunction-based chiropractic adjustment).

Perhaps best of all, because Dr. Haavik enthusiastically embraces both the methods and the ethics of scientific research, she understands that her work, like all true science, is neither exhaustive nor immutable. Yet, make no mistake, her work is, also like all true science, definitive.

And, in the spirit of generosity inherent in all true science, Dr. Haavik has made her work readily accessible to colleagues  – and much of it free. Her work will benefit you and your ability to stay current with definitive chiropractic science. Dr. Haavik’s beautifully done “whiteboard animations” will also provide you with a wonderful resource for educating patients. Check out her website, The Reality Check, and learn more about the exciting work she’s doing at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and Haavik Research.

Treat yourself to a delightful conversation by clicking on the video below – and then, please do your part to add to the positive disruption for Puerto Rico and subluxation research.












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