Starting With Why

Chiropractors have been telling people what we do for over 120 years.

Maybe it’s time to tell them why we do it.

Drs. Guy Riekeman and Jason Deitch have established a relationship with the most innovative (and, yes, disruptive) media mining operation on the planet, Quid.

Quid helps answer questions we didn’t even know were being asked.

What’s one of the biggest concerns of parents today? Quid tells us its this: That parents feel they simply can’t afford to be sick – or have their children be sick.

This concern speaks directly to one of the “whys” of chiropractic: We keep the spine and nervous system healthy to optimize overall health. That’s a message that parents who need to keep themselves and their children healthy are ready to hear – now, more than ever.

Listen and learn more about how this amazing new partnership that is going to help chiropractic disrupt the systems that exclude us…and get our message directly to the people who need us.


Come Riff with Dr. Guy Riekeman & I. Let's Disrupt Health Care together…

Posted by Today's Chiropractic Leadership on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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