Rubicon Group Down Under (and more)

Join Dr. Guy Riekeman, as he’s interviewed by Dr. Jason Deitch, as they discuss disruption to the chiropractic profession, dogmatism, scientism and more (scroll down for the video).

Hear their riff on how the Rubicon Group – made up of principled chiropractic college presidents – is working to support Australian family chiropractors from an assault seeking to limit their ability to provide care for children.

In this interview, we learn that The Rubicon Group:

  • Supports subluxation as the bedrock of chiropractic
  • Is working to provide subluxation-based researchers, like Heidi Haavik (named chiropractic researcher of the year in Europe) and 
Scott Rosa, who’s looking into the effects of correcting atlas subluxations on cerebrospinal fluid flow
  • Understands chiropractic as a neurological approach
  • Has agreed upon a soon-to-be published, research-based definition of subluxation
  • Understands the closed-loop nature of the nerve system, in contrast to the earlier linear model of understanding

Guy and Jason close their conversation with a discussion of LIFE Vision, happening on April 21 and 22, 2017. Participants will be able to hear and speak with Heidi Haavik, the Vaxxed movie producers, Andrew Wakefield, Social Docs with new technologies for generating patients…and other speakers who are disrupting the status quo.

And, most disruptive to the the communication barriers of the past, we’ll have technologies set up at LIFE Vision that will allow participants to interview other participants and speakers…and rock social media live from the event.

For right now, click on the video below and hear the conversation for yourself…and then share your own riff in the comment section.

Join us today FB Live for our latest edition of Disruptive Riffs. We're talking The Rubicon Group, Australia and much more…

Posted by Today's Chiropractic Leadership on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

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