Disruptive Riffs – First Edition

What do you get when you put Dr. Guy Riekeman, one of the media pioneers in chiropractic, together with Dr. Jason Deitch, today’s chiropractic social media master?

Then, throw in the most advanced web-based media-mining artificial intelligence in the world (Quid)…and you get some “disruptive riffs.”

What’s a disruptive riff? Well, it’s a casual conversation that turns conventional thinking its ear to create a new perspective.

Listen and watch as these two media masters share the next steps in creating a break in the status quo that allows chiropractic to step through and become the healthcare option for people who truly understand how health works.

Welcome to our first episode of Disruptive Riffs with Dr. Guy Riekeman & Dr. Jason Deitch. Join us and share…

Posted by Today's Chiropractic Leadership on Tuesday, March 21, 2017


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