Subluxation: A Living Definition

Finally, The Rubicon Group Brings Subluxation Into the 21st Century

Video Highlights:

  • VIDEO (see embedded below) in which…
  • Drs. Riekeman and Clum share:
    • the origin and background of The Rubicon Group of chiropractic colleges
    • its intended audience (not chiropractors for use with their patients)
    • the Rubicon Group’s intentions for, and the benefits of, this new of definition of subluxation
    • the neurological basis and research basis for the definition
    • the ex post facto nature of the former group member’s dissent
  • Dr. Riekeman suggests an apology to Dr. Clum is in order

Background Commentary:

For a profession based on a philosophy of life, there are certainly a lot of dead ends in chiropractic thinking. Dead ends, of course, are the natural outcome of any thought process that has become dogmatized.

For some of our colleagues, the extent of their philosophy is what they’ve memorized of the original Stevenson’s “scripture,” repeated mindlessly as an unexamined catechism. For others, the elegant philosophy one which our profession is founded, their understanding of our philosophy is even less well examined and has been reduced to a an aphorism, “The power that made the body, heals the body,” and repeated as a mindless mantra.

For still others on the other end of the spectrum, the foundational principle – of removing interference to the nerve/nervous system to facilitate the body’s innate ability to heal, adapt, and express vitality – has been lost. Further along this spectrum, there are those who actively scoff at the suggestion that life is a separate property that seeks to express itself as fully as possible in all circumstances, to the best of its ability within its environment.

Please click on the video below and see for yourself why we need a living, neurologically-based definition of our profession’s central focus.

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