Siri, Who’s your Chiropractor?

Siri, Who’s your Chiropractor?


Siri, Who’s your Chiropractor?

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

TECHNOLOGY might seem like an odd candidate for a magazine honoring MAVERICKS, GENIUSES AND ICONS. However, it is an entity that is a promising star (some might argue a “necessity”) in the spreading of the chiropractic story.
The first text message was sent in 1996. Today, there are more text messages sent daily than there are people on the planet. What would we do without Google and GPS? My mom’s generation often sees social media as a novelty at best and an intrusion of the government into our private lives at worst. Actually, I think my mother sees it as the devil’s work.

The truth is that in a classroom at Life U, when there are 100 students in attendance, there are, perhaps, hundreds of devices with thousands of programs, apps and sites open during that class. And perhaps, we should do more than accept IT as a necessary evil; perhaps it is the most important tool to spread our message in a world where Big Pharma and Medicine control all the outlets for traditional marketing. As Seth Godin points out in Tribes, Facebook is a way for us to connect with people of similar interests anywhere in the world, and it is virtually free; a way to influence millions, even billions of people around the world with the warning to not dummy our message down, but rather state it clearly so those that believe what we believe can find us. Recently MIT offered a course online, and over 1,000,000 students took it. These Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are the wave of the future. Can you imagine 1,000,000 students studying Chiropractic from the halls of Oxford to huts in remote villages where only one computer is available?

There are technologies and people who know how to use them to advance Chiropractic. In this section of TCLOnline, we want to introduce you to what these Geniuses and Mavericks are doing to help people throughout the world understand and have access to our profession.


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