We Are the Ones Who Do

We Are the Ones Who Do

Learn how supporting women in delivering naturally – under the care of midwives operating under a non-interference philosophy – provides better outcomes across the board.

We Are the Ones Who Do

There’s a wonderful commercial produced by Apple Inc. about people who have changed the world, such as Einstein and the Wright Brothers. The last line, spoken in deep baritone, is: “… Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” At Life U, we think we are changing the world and therefore proudly wear the title, CRAZIES.

But we are moving so quickly that what we already take for granted is still news to most. So, we created a multi-city tour where I can have a conversation about 20 profound projects Life U is engaged in. Here’s the fun part: it’s an intimate dinner with me. There are no speeches, sales, fundraising or recruitment … just an elegant dinner and stimulating dialogue.

What are the topics, you ask? The opening of Life U in Rome, Italy. The groundbreaking Chillon Project, starting this summer, that will alter prison recidivism rates in America. Rugby. The partnership between Life U and the first birth center in Atlanta, creating a national model.

So, wanna come to dinner with me, do some celebrating and have some fun? Oh yeah, it’s also free. If you’d like to be invited, call 770-426-2601.

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