How to Create Lifetime CA’s

How to Create Lifetime CA’s

Learn how supporting women in delivering naturally – under the care of midwives operating under a non-interference philosophy – provides better outcomes across the board.

How to Create Lifetime CA’s

One of my greatest roles in Chiropractic was to function as the new patient advocate for six months in a doc’s office in Phoenix. I became a super CA and was responsible for patient education, referrals, etc. Can you imagine me being your CA? We need to see chiropractic paraprofessionals as a lifetime career, not just a summer job. To do so may require an attitude change on the doc’s part, a career path with advancement and, above all, ongoing education.

Let me offer a unique opportunity. One of the most incredible degree programs at Life U is our Positive Psychology Master’s. It has special tracks in Life Coaching and Contemplative Sciences. It is the perfect advanced degree for a CA who will help you transform and grow your practice for the rest of your lifetime. The best part? IT CAN ALL BE DONE ONLINE.

When I was coaching 7,000 offices in QUEST, I realized that 30% of the offices had staff who were more turned on and committed than the doc. It’s time to acknowledge these passionate warriors and support them.

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