As One We Stand; Divided TIC Falls

As One We Stand; Divided TIC Falls

Learn how supporting women in delivering naturally – under the care of midwives operating under a non-interference philosophy – provides better outcomes across the board.

As One We Stand; Divided TIC Falls

There are 1.1 million MD’s in the USA supported by a culture of drugs and a multi-billion dollar drug industry. There are 68,000 chiropractors supported by their success in getting sick people well and keeping them well without drugs. Are we vulnerable? Absolutely!

We need to band together against our worst enemies, which are apathy and believing our participation doesn’t matter. Granted, this sad state has been fed by two nationalassociations that either don’t represent our basic values and/or are locked into expensive corporate structures that foster cronyism.

A new national association, One Chiropractic, has been formed. It spends no money on corporate structure or national association meetings. Its number one goal is to ENSURE THE CHIROPRACTOR’S BRIGHTEST FUTURE. It is an e-based organization where your input is sought and respected. One Chiropractic stands for “Subluxation – Yes, Drugs – No” … however else you practice is your right.

Life U is proud to be part of this contemporary way to join together and fight for practice success, professional parity and mass public education.

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