LIFETalks – Shift Happens

LIFETalks – Shift Happens

LIFE Talks - Shift Happens

LIFE Talks,
Shift Happens

B.J. Palmer understood what Chiropractic was up against when it came to being heard over the monopolizing voices of his day.

That’s why he bought a radio station.

Today, he’d be rocking Facebook.

Today, each and every person on the planet has the power to become a voice of positive change.

Today, we need a tribe that includes patients, allies, aligned professionals…that’s how chiropractic spread in the first place. Never forget it was the jailed chiropractors’ patients – demanding their chiropractors’ care – that turned the tide for our profession.

The tide’s coming in again. Our time is Today.

Let’s all ride this healthcare wave into a future that supports what Chiropractors – and other Vitalists – have known all along.

What can you do?

Go to Chiropractic Social Media Academy – for FREE – and learn what really works on Facebook.

Then, go check out LIFE Talks VIDEOS YOU CAN SHARE and spend a bit of time finding the perfect videos to resonate with your tribe.

Last, but not least, share using the network only we chiropractors can build to share our message.

Let’s be the tide that lifts all boats.

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