Integrity in Relationships

Integrity in Relationships

Two fundamental shifts have occurred in the understanding our very nature as human beings. First, we are fundamentally compassionate at our core. Second, neuroplasticity provides us with the ability to change our brains by consciously and rationally practicing compassionate integrity.

Integrity in Relationships
It’s Your Choice: Relationship or Relations#it

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

Human beings cannot thrive without being in relationship with one another. This fundamental need is best illustrated by the fact that neglected babies, whose parents fail to hold and interact with them — even if they provide for their basic physical needs — may not survive at all. And, those who do manage to survive will have lasting damage to their ability to form relationships with others.

Even the cutthroat business world, such as we see recreated in movies like “Glengarry Glen Ross” or TV shows like “Mad Men,” is waking up to the fact that relationships matter in the professional world as well. Gone are the days when employers can reasonably expect employees to keep an iron curtain in place to completely separate their personal and professional lives. Even more important, all organizations must begin to recognize that they are in relationship, not just with employees, customers and shareholders, but also with the communities in which they operate and with the planet that sustains us.

That’s why Life University has developed a “positive business” program that focuses on the human development and social change needed to build better relationships. No one understands the integrity needed for businesses to build and protect relationships with people and the planet better than Dr. Michael Karlin. Hear what he had to say at


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