Integrity in Raising Our Children

Integrity in Raising Our Children

A thoughtful discourse, including irrefutable data, of the illogical “scientism” that is behind the vaccine culture wars that began with nine measles cases at Disneyland.

Integrity in Raising Our Children
Your Kids: Property of the Government

By Guy F. Riekeman on behalf of Life University

Who has the ultimate authority in the doctor-patient relationship? Ian Coulter (Rand, UCLA) defines one of the five dialogues in health care as Humanism vs. Authoritarianism. In short, do patients have informed consent on ALL available options for a condition, even when the consulting doctor doesn’t provide those services?

And what about choice? Do parents have the right to make the final decision on their children’s care protocol or to even refuse care? California law now forces parents to vaccinate their children, without exception, in order to access “free” public education. It’s not just freedom of choice in healthcare decisions that affects how we raise our children. It’s about government abrogation of individual rights and protections under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. There are myriad decisions to be made in raising a child; do we really want the government — not parents — making them?

Additionally, it is becoming increasingly difficult to trust information from the places we expect to get reliable information, like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In 2009, the NY Times reported the CDC does a “ … poor job of screening medical experts for financial conflicts when it hired them to advise the agency on vaccine safety … “ The article goes on to say “ … worries have grown that experts may be recommending medical products — even ones they know to be unsafe — in part because manufacturers are paying them.”

How can we trust a “science for sale” system, run by a government bought and paid for by Big Pharma, agribusiness giants and global conglomerates in order to further their own political and financial interests, at the expense of citizens’ rights? We need to be informed, wary and ready to defend our rights. Catch Barbara Loe Fisher, who has dedicated her life’s work to vaccine safety and healthcare autonomy, at LIFE Talks by visiting

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