Integrity in Birth

Integrity in Birth

Learn how supporting women in delivering naturally – under the care of midwives operating under a non-interference philosophy – provides better outcomes across the board.

Integrity in Birth
Birth: Safer in Botswana or Mississippi?

It may not be illegal to have a homebirth in Georgia, but given the legal strictures placed on midwife licensure, it might as well be. Despite these kinds of stricture, intended to improve infant health and wellbeing, the US continues to fall behind other industrialized nations. In fact, a kid in Botswana stands a better chance to reaching age one than a kid in Mississippi. Georgia was concerned enough to do a yearlong study that identified one of the solutions: Allow qualified nurse midwives the opportunity to provide out-of-hospital birth alternatives to women who are not in high-risk situations.

Thus, two years ago, Life U began providing business and financial resources to help obtain licensing for the Atlanta Birth Center (ABC), which will open in June of this year. The 17,000-SF facility will house family/home-style birthing rooms and provide naturopathic care, family psychology and counseling services. And, Life U will have 7,000 SF to provide chiropractic care with a pediatric specialty, as well as chiropractic functional neurology, nutrition and kinesiology.

These midwives have been working with chiropractors for decades, and the stories are near miraculous. Imagine having a center where your patients could be supported with sensitive birth opportunities, and a chiropractor at every birth.

The Director of the ABC is Anjli Aurora Hinman, a midwife who is holding the dreams of so many in her hands and who is seeing our vision to completion. There is no more important area for us to stand up with INTEGRITY than in the birth of our children. Anjli stirred the minds and hearts of those who attended LIFE Talks. Catch her LIFE Talk at

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