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Tomorrow’s Chiropractic Leadership – Today

By: Ryanne Shea, Life University DC student

The inaugural Life University Technique Summit came about because, despite spending many quarters involved in a few Chiropractic clubs, when I mentioned them to fellow students, they had no idea these clubs even existed. Students so often said they don’t get enough hands-on experience in the current curriculum and yet didn’t realize clubs offered that very opportunity.

Last Fall (2014), several technique club presidents met and discussed how to create greater awareness of and participation co-curricular learning. During the meeting, I recalled a League of Chiropractic Women event I attended my first quarter at Life University. It was full of great energy and featured both doctors and students as speakers, had vendors of chiropractic merchandise and a few doctors demonstrating their techniques. I had been blown away and so excited to be there.

I suggested to the club presidents we use a similar model to focus on the many techniques Life U students and advisors work hard to make available through clubs on campus but that students don’t seem to know about. The suggestion was well received and the club presidents were extremely eager to get on board. Immediately, so many students – Brian Berg, Garth Schrock, Eric Mundie, Ryan Kennedy, Erin O’Daniel, Elisa-Beth Tveitnes, Kay Sunakawa, just to name a few – agreed to serve on the Technique Summit board. As it happened, the very next day was the deadline for PitchIt submissions, which is a program to find funding for student projects. University Advancement helped us with the details and we were accepted. Then, the ball really began to roll!


Once we set a date, Jennifer Stroble in Student Services recommended we talk to the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) chapter at Life U because they would be hosting the International Congress at about the same time. WCCS students were already planning to hold a philosophy night so we asked if we could join forces and make a larger event out of it. Dr. Gilles LaMarche (VP for professional affairs) along with the WCCS leaders, Michael Hollerbach, Penny Aviles and Emily Styer, agreed and it was perfect! This partnership provided us with the extraordinary opportunity to have an inaugural event focused uniting Chiropractic that included international students. It was an amazing confluence and clearly meant to be!

Our board began to grow with representatives from every club. Over thirty student volunteers came to meetings, sold tickets and helped in every way they could. This level of student engagement is what made the Technique Summit possible and also confirmed the need for the event. It was truly a wonderful project to be part of and working toward a common goal gave us all a huge sense of community. We also had a great sense of excitement as we watched the event being created and, then, felt the surge of energy and gratitude at seeing it all come together. [TCL Note: There will always be great value in student-led co-curricular activities like the Technique Summit and Philosophy Night and Life U will continue to support it. The University is also proud to be developing the Exceptional Experience Curriculum (EEC) or “new curriculum,” which is Life U’s institutional answer to student requests for greater clinic-classroom integration and hands-on exposure earlier in their student experience.]


We couldn’t be more proud of everyone behind this event and look forward to seeing it continue as an annual event at Life U. Better yet, like Talk the TIC, we hope to see it spread to other campuses so that all students of Chiropractic gain a fuller understanding of just how expansive their practices can be.

Students get so many misperceptions from some of their field docs and fellow students that having this kind of “one stop shop” Technique Summit was remarkably helpful. Here are a few comments to illustrate just how impactful the event was for students in gaining a more complete understanding of their profession:

  • “Helped in building our individual technique tool boxes.”
  • “Made available a single place for students to learn what’s available and the many expansive facets of Chiropractic Life U has to offer.”
  • “It was the perfect “give back” to students. They have been asking for this.”
  • “It allowed for every Technique Club on Life U campus to work together to building something [together] as One.”
  • “It gave students an insight to what specialty of doctor they may want to be or to be a blended doctor utilizing many techniques and that that is okay, too.”
  • “It empowered students to create an event and fill a need – and do it now as students and not waiting until we’re doctors – since the event was completely student created and student organized.”
  • “The event gave a stage to allow students, doctors and club members to express and demonstrate their passion.”
  • “Joining the Technique Summit together with Philosophy Night was an amazing turn of events and it was the perfect piece to have the art, the science and the philosophy (the trinity of chiropractic, I like to say) all in one event.”
  • “The Summit gave opportunity to learn the history of a technique, hear and see the protocol and/or adjustment that each technique follows.”
  • “I had no idea how similar some techniques are!”
  • “I didn’t know there was an NET Club! My favorite part was seeing the overlap between different techniques.”
  • “My favorite part was the sense of a larger community.”
  • “I learned about more techniques I need to consider and/or go to.”
  • “I learned some of the criteria for different techniques.”
  • “I learned I can practice multiple techniques!”
  • “My favorite was that it was set up well [so that] each club table was accessible during break. I just enjoyed being able to hear specifics of each technique.”
  • “Changed my view of some techniques”

The Technique Summit and Philosophy Night would not have been possible without passionate students, clubs on campus with inspiring advisors and doctors and the support, encouragement and funding from ChiroTouch, Student Services, LifeFORCE 1000, Billing Precision and PitchIt.

Philosophy Speakers were:

  • Anna Abbott
  • Dr. Eddy Diaz
  • Dr. Brad Glowaki

Clubs involved were:

  • Activator
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • BGI
  • CBP
  • Fullspine
  • Functional Neurology
  • Gonstead
  • TRT
  • NET
  • NMI
  • NSA
  • Pierce Results
  • SOT
  • Thompson
  • Toggle


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